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Hewlett Packard Interview Experience (Off-Campus) 2022

Last Updated : 21 Mar, 2023
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HP is a huge product-based organization. We are using many HP products in our daily life. Getting into this giant field is not an easy task. We need to be strong enough in our technical aspects.

Recently I attended an HP interview as a fresher. I am from the CSE field. HP is usually supposed to do bulk hiring from top-notch colleges like IITs, NITs, and Tier-2 colleges. But this time, they gave a chance to the local colleges too. We have applied for it. There was a total of 4 Rounds to be faced by the candidate.

Hiring Strategy :

  • Online Assessment
  • Technical  HR Round
  • Managerial HR Round
  • General HR Round

Interview Experience

1. Online Assessment: This round is an online round where the candidate needs to attend a proctored test. Here, the candidate was tested on his/her technical knowledge. The questions will range from the easy to medium. 90 minutes of duration(45 minutes of (I, ii, iii) & 45 minutes of coding) The test contains mostly the following fields :    

  • Computer Networks(MCQ’s)
  • Operating System(MCQ’s)
  • Data Structures & Algorithms(MCQ’s)
  • 2-Coding questions (Medium range )

During my test, mostly i got questions from concepts like scheduling, algorithms, etc..and got coding questions from arrays and strings concepts.

2. Technical HR Round: After getting shortlisted in the first round, we received a mail from HP Inc to attend a face-to-face interview at a college that they mentioned. We reached the college at 9 am. All the team had arrived and given a pre-placement talk. Soon after the completion of the talk, our technical round got started. I went into the panelist with my resume copy, at start, he just greeted me and started asking questions on OS, JAVA, cloud, and DSA. It lasted for 45 minutes.

OS questions like :  

  • Semaphore?
  • mutex?
  • multithreading?
  • Deadlocks?
  • Scheduling?

JAVA questions like :

  • Inheritance in java?
  • Why multiple inheritance is not possible in java?
  • Write a Program to Overloading and Method Overriding in java.
  • Run time polymorphism?
  • Compile time polymorphism?

Data Structures questions like :

  • Doubly-linked list implementation
  • Singly-linked list implementation ( Given a sheet to write coding implementation)

Cloud questions like:

  • Types of clouds?
  • Differentiate Paas, Saas?
  • Uses of AWS and GCP and where they were used?
  • End-to-end encryption?

3. Managerial HR Round: After completion of the Technical round, the shortlisted students are sent to the Managerial round. I too got shortlisted for the managerial round. Here, they mostly ask in-depth about our projects. I kept my project on Banking applications by using SQl and java with JDBC connectivity. They asked me to explain in depth about my project. And they asked how I had connected the JAVA application to SQL. I had done this mini-project by guiding through @GeeksforGeeks only. They asked a few questions regarding JDBC concepts. I can conclude that this round fully depends on our in-depth explanation of our project. This round lasted for 35 minutes.

4. Final HR Round: After the completion of the managerial round, I was called to attend the final round. This round is about the behavioral round. She asked me mostly general questions. In this round, they just test our communication skills and they interact a lot and make us open up a lot. She asked me about the personal traits that I have mentioned in my resume.

General Questions like :

  • Hobbies?
  • Why HP?
  • Are any higher studies plans?
  • Opinion on pressure?
  • Prove to me that you are a team player.
  • How can you say you are an adaptable person?
  • Ultimate goal?
  • If another company pays more hike, will you continue with us?

That’s the completion of the whole interview. And results are out after 2 days. We got an offer letter for an internship for 6-month and based on performance evaluation, the candidate will be converted into full-time employee.

Suggestions :

  •  Never say “I don’t know ” as an answer to any unknown question. Instead, try to answer something that is related to the topic.
  • Be strong enough to explain your project in depth.
  • Should be able to answer all the resume contents.
  • Keep the project that you have done on your own or keep the projects that you can be able to handle the theoretical part.
  • Try to interact with your respective panelists more.
  • Try to ask questions them (like about the HP culture, working projects, environment, etc,.)

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