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Great West Global interview experience (On-Campus)

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They visited our campus for recruitment.
Around 150-200 people are shortlisted for the process.

1st round:
Aptitude test in Hirepro platform
consists of Quants, logical, Analytics and Prog o/p MCQ’s and technical questions.

40 people shortlisted for 2nd round.

2nd round:Technical

There were two members in the panel(2 technical interview at a time)

Depth of every projects.
Each and every project has to explain in detail.

Linked list-Creation
Linked list-Insert at specified position

15 people went for 3rd round.

3rd round:HR round

Asked about projects and how it works

About hobbies.

Be confident while answering.

Finally they selected 9 students from our college.

Last Updated : 04 Oct, 2018
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