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Google Search Techniques

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The Google search engine is fantastic search engine, which is quite easy to use but by knowing some techniques you can have the best result of your search. Getting information is easy but having the best of them is not quite common.
  1. The first thing which is quite common is Google Search button, which is activated by enter or return key in the keyboard and gives large number of pages, some of them are not useful and we have to search lot in them, to overcome this we have other techniques.

    Simple Google Search

  2. The I’m Feeling Lucky button which is adjacent to the Google Search button helps us to get in the most ranked page of given search. As like you want to search GeeksForGeeks and tab the I’m Feeling Lucky button, you will be redirected to the website of the GeeksForGeeks.

    I’m feeling lucky redirects you to the website of GeeksForGeeks.

  3. Advanced Search is one of the best features in google search engine as it gives too many options to search and gives relevant result according to your need. As it has variety of google search operators such as special characters and commands used in this is also known as advanced operators that goes beyond the normal google search.
    S.No. Operators Result
    1 all these words Important words of content.
    2 this exact word or phrase put the exact word in quotes.
    3 any of these words type OR between the words.
    4 none of these words type – sign to remove the word.
    5 number ranging from 100..200 $ (search in between this).
    6 language Find pages in the language in which you are suitable.
    7 region Pages published in particular region.
    8 last update pages which are recently updated.
    9 site or domain limit your search by providing domain as like .edu, .org, etc.
    10 SafeSearch SafeSearch will filter the pages contains sexual contents.
    11 terms appearing searches the particular in the whole page.
    12 file type filters the page according to your need either .pdf, .exe, etc.
    13 usage rights filters the page which is free for the users.

    Advance search

Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2022
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