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Google Search Techniques | Set 2

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Prerequisite – Google Search Techniques

Google’s results are quite boring, not getting the actual format of files that we want or not getting PDF of a particular content which we want. Here are some techniques that help you to get your desired results. Let us have some techniques to get out of such boring practices of searching for everything.

  1. Let us get some direct downloadable PDFs by using most common technique in Google which is filetype: If you search something to write before that filetype.

    Example –

    "filetype: .PDF java"

    This will help you get the directly downloadable links of the java PDF.

    Note : Just specify the extension of the file.

    Example –

    filetype: .txt endometriosis

    This query searches for the word ‘endometriosis’ within standard text documents. There should be no period (.) before the filetype and no space around the colon following the word “filetype”.

  2. Let us get inside the website without getting in it.

    site: Find search term only on-site specified by search_term.

    Example –

    site: tuition

    This query will return results from that include the term tuition anywhere on the page.

  3. Let us get the linked pages of any website.

    link: Search within links.

    Example –


    This query would display web pages that link to’s main page. This special operator is somewhat limited that the link must appear exactly as entered in the search query.

  4. Get our titled document in an easy way.

    intitle: This operator instructs Google to search for a term within the title of a document.

    Example –

    intitle: Sachin

    This query would only display pages that contained the word ‘Sachin’ in the title.

  5. Get inside the link of the webpage.

    inurl: Search within the URL of a page.

    This operator instructs Google to search only within the URL, or web address of a document. This operator requires no other search arguments.

    Example –

    inurl: Dhoni

    The query will contain the pages in which Dhoni is present in the URL of the page.

  6. Let us look into some insecure cameras on the internet.
    inurl: /view/view.shtml

    Search the above URL in the Google search bar and as a result, you are able to get the list of the insecure camera on the web.

  7. Every webpage has the cache which is used as temporary memory in a website basically an information technology used for temporary storage. To get the cache page of a website you need to know this.

    The above query will give you the cache version of Facebook.

  8. Let us get some vulnerability present on the host and the networks.
    Search on Google "Host Vulnerability Summary Report"

    The search gives the vulnerability report of the host and network even if the vulnerability was fixed then also it will give you the host and network.

  9. Getting directly downloadable links of films are quite awesome. Here is one best way of getting the same.
    Index of Fast and Furious

    When you search the above query you will get the page index of fast and furious where links are provided which have high quality.

Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2022
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