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Google Interview Experience for Software Engineer 2020

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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Round-1 (Screening Technical Interview):

  1. Given an array and a matrix. You have to find if the array is present in the matrix. You can start from any point and go in 4 directions. Return the starting and ending pairs of indices if the array exists otherwise return false.

Round-2 (Technical Interview Round-1):

  1. Given a matrix of 0s and 1s, find the shortest path from start to end(both given). You can move in 4 directions and can travel only through 0s.

Round-3 (Technical Interview Round-2):

  1. Create a treasure hunt and find the treasure which is present in one of the n rooms. You have r keys (key to move from one room to another, but you don’t know which key is of which pair). Start point – Room 1.

Round-4 (Technical Interview Round-3):

  1. There are n jobs, you have to schedule the jobs on a machine. Given the job start time and duration. Schedule the jobs is best optimal way.
  2. In continuation of the above question, there are k machines. Schedule the jobs in the most optimal way.

Round-5 (Technical Interview Round-4):

  1. Given a city where you have roads, buildings, parks etc which given dimensions and some portion of the city is vacant (plot of area can be used to build a building). Your task is to find in how many ways can you build a building of a given dimension(rectangle).

Round-6 (Googlyness – Behavioral Interview):

  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. What differentiates yourself from others.
  3. Little discussions over my extra activities written in resume.
  4. Team Conflict questions.
  5. Do you have any Location constraints?
  6. Other behavioral questions.


  1. Know yourself before any interview.
  2. Be calm & answer politely.
  3. Be expressive and thoughtful.
  4. Better communication is a must.
  5. Code should be simple and clean.
  6. Practice a lot.
  7. Keep the constraints in mind like naming, edge cases, datatype, size, time complexity, space complexity.
  8. Don’t jump to the solution. Go with the flow.
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