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Google Interview Experience

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Meet Prasoon, he was just your average guy who studied at IIIT-Hyderabad but today Prasoon Mishra is one of the most well know names across engineering colleges across India. Last week we got a request from one of our readers that he and his friends want us to Interview Prasoon and today here we are fulfilling their wish.

This really tells us how much people are waiting in anticipation for his interview. So, we went a step ahead, we not only would like to present his interview but we also have his resume for you to download.

So click here to download his resume by logging in. Here is the much-awaited interview of Prasoon Misra as he shares his thoughts about his interview experience.

TopTalent: Firstly, how do you feel when so many world class companies are trying to woo you?

Prasoon: I am greatly overwhelmed! I never imagined such a scenario, so I am delighted that so many companies considered me worthy of an offer.  It feels good to know that I did things right. And, it’s always a treat to see your hard work rewarded.

All these companies are highly reputable and they are very selective in their hiring, but a lot of engineers get hired from across the world. So, its important to keep things in perspective and not get carried away. I can join just one company, so all these offers are equivalent to just one good offer. And hence, at the end of the day, I see it as a good job opportunity.

TopTalent: Which company are you planning to join and how did you make that decision?

Prasoon: Yes, that was a very tough call. It was extremely confusing. They are all top tech companies, and each had a lot to offer in terms of the role, work and responsibility. Google, given their array of products – it’s a crime for an engineer to decline their offer. Walmart & PocketGems have quality work and good growth opportunities. Amazon also offered a very good profile. But, I chose Facebook because I feel that it is a better cultural fit for me at this stage. Even after their IPO, they are trying to preserve their startup culture, and continues to offer a lot of opportunities . That just nicked it in the end!

TopTalent: Can you give us a brief account of what you felt was the toughest interview?

Prasoon: Its hard to pin-point a single tough interview. Each company had its own style. Facebook & Pocketgems had very intense and focused rounds, revolving around coding/algo and system-design. They were looking for speed and accuracy. At Google, as can be expected, some really tough algo questions came up. I am unsure about the complete correctness of one of my solutions, even now. In another round, I was able to convince the interviewer that his solution had the same flaws as my solution. So, that was a confidence booster. Walmart though, was a bit unexpected. In a design round, my initial solution was built around a string algorithm. But, the interviewer pointed out some counter-cases. So, by relying on his hints and the counter-cases, some probabilistic techniques got incorporated into the system. At the end, the interviewer informed me that my final solution was a model in machine-learning. So, I feel that mathematical aptitude helps in more ways than just algorithm design.

TopTalent: What kind of skill-set companies are looking for in candidates?

Prasoon: Well, a strong understanding of data structures and algorithms, along with fast-and-accurate coding skills are the primary requirement. And companies pay particular attention to the quality of code -> neat, short & easy to understand.

Moreover, a good aptitude in Computer Science is also desired. The fundamentals of OS, DBMS, distributed systems, design patterns, etc, often get applied indirectly in the design rounds. In this regard, I feel that a basic understanding of common systems like search-engines, spell checkers, trends, etc, helps one greatly.

And, companies inherently dig for creativity. The above mentioned skills are just tools to come up with smart solutions.

TopTalent: Whats your advice to students who are aiming for similar placement offers as yours?

Prasoon: Do not get burdened by the hype surrounding these jobs. And after that, I think its extremely important to enjoy the subject and the process of preparation. In my opinion, there is an element of luck involved with interviews, and candidates must acknowledge it. Hence, they must not over-pressurize themselves. And, all wise proverbs about success strictly apply.

TopTalent: What should one keep in mind while preparing a resume?

Prasoon: One must understand that the resume is ones first impression. So, it’s important to be precise and accurate in terms of what one wants to convey. A lot of tips are available on the internet, and one can pay heed to them. In terms of the content, I chose to write projects that had good depth, and discard the lighter ones. I feel that this enhances the strength of the resume.

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Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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