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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience (Off Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 27 Apr, 2020

It was contacted by GS HR in August and was provided a test link for HackerRank Test.
HackerRank Test:

  1. Given a matrix of integers, the task was to find out the number of positional elements. A positional element is one which is either minimum or maximum in a row or in a column. If there are multiple minimum or maximum elements in a row or a column, return -1.
  2. 0/1 Knapsack problem. One more addition is that you had to tell which all items were chosen for the optimal solution.

CoderPad Round: After 20 days or so, I received a call for coderpad interview. Normally 2 questions are being asked in this round but if you are able to solve one completely along with providing relevant test cases, then you are through.

Question: Given a dictionary of words and a specific word, you need to find the list of the longest words in the dictionary which are anagrams of the given word.

Onsite PI Rounds: After 2 weeks, I was called at GS office Bangalore for the personal interview rounds.

Round 1: This round mostly involved coding questions which were followed by my brief introduction.

Round 2: This round also involved 2 coding questions – one from each interviewer. A number of currency conversions rates were given like USD to INR, INR to Euro, Euro to Yen, etc. We needed to convert a currency into some other. By following each conversion we will get some error so we needed to minimize the error. I first gave DFS and DSU solution but this question was narrowed down to BFS.

Suppose you have a data of 3 GB and 3 pen drives of size 1 GB each. Store the data in such a way that if one of the pen drives is lost, we can still recover the missing data. I tried to solve this question by XORing the values.

Round 3: This round also had 2 interviewers like the previous 2 rounds. This round basically wanted to test my c++ skills.

  • Can the destructors be private?
  • MultiThreading implementation in C++
  • IPC implementation
  • Internal implementation of “select * from table order by col1 aesc, col2 desc, col3 aesc”
  • A basic coding question- don remember exactly
  • Puzzle

Round 4: This was a kind of managerial round where he first asked my introduction followed by my reasons for the switch so early in my career. Then he asked me to explain everything I knew about C++ on the whiteboard. This was followed by a deep discussion on my projects. He was giving me coding puzzles in between which were mostly based on DB access and my projects. The internal implementation of the map in c++ and why we use a red-black tree over the AVL tree was asked.

Round 5: This round was interviewed by Director of Engineering and the interviewer was an experienced person. He asked me to explain my projects and we had a discussion on it. This was followed by him explaining the role of the team and what my role in the team would be. This round was the shortest.

CoderPad 2: After 2 days of onsite rounds, I was informed by the HR that a coder-pad round had been scheduled for me following Monday and that it would be the final round.

After these rounds, I got a call regarding my expectations and other details they needed to take my candidature forward.

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