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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience for Summer Internship | Off-Campus Virtual 2021

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I applied through the company’s career portal. Applications ended on 6th August. On 7th August I received a mail that the aptitude test is scheduled for 9th August 2020. Around 1 lakh students from all over India gave this test.

First Round(Aptitude test): This round took place on hackerrank . There was no proctoring through the camera or microphone in this test. It consisted of 68 questions based on probability, aptitude, permutation, and combination and some essay questions, to be done in 1 hour 45 minutes. The marking scheme was +5 and -2.

I was able to attempt around 50 questions. On 20 August, I received a mail that I have cleared the first round of assessment. On 26 August 2020, I received a mail stating that the technical assessment round is scheduled for 26 September. Around 2000 students made it to the technical round.

Second Round(Technical test): This round also took place on hackerrank. There was audio and video proctoring in this round.

  • You can find the sample test.

I was able to attempt one coding question fully, one part, and all the MCQs.

On 2nd October, I received a mail that said I have cleared the technical round and my panel interviews will be scheduled in the upcoming weeks. On 4th November, I received my interview date which was 9th November. Around 200 students made it to the interview round.

All the interview rounds took place on the same day. I had 3 rounds, some had 4 while some had 2 or even 1.

First interview Round: It started with a typical tell me about yourself question. The interviewer was nice and friendly. 

  1. He asked me to explain a little about my projects (only basics).
  2. Which all data structures you know and my favourite data structure. I replied with a linked list.
  3. He asked the difference between array and linked list, time complexities of insertion, deletion, etc. in both of them. Then he asked about sorting an array, different algorithms, and their time complexities.
  4. How would you sort a linked list? How would you find the middle of the linked list in one pass? How would you merge two linked lists (I had to write code for the same)?
  5. Then he asked how would you be able to manage the business and finance decisions at GS.
  6. Tell me an incident when you had the chance to display your leadership skills.

Lastly, I was allowed to ask questions from the interviewer.

Second interview Round: This round was relatively short and mostly consisted of coding (on hackerrank’s codepair platform)

  1. The interviewer asked me about my previous interview and what all questions were asked in it.
  2. Then there was a discussion about my projects.
  3. He asked me to write the code for finding the middle of a linked list in one pass.
  4. After that, I had to write the code for the implementation of a queue. I first discussed the approaches with him using array and linked lists for some time. They wrote the code using a linked list by taking head and tail pointer.

 He was satisfied with it and the round ended with me asking him the questions I had.

Third interview Round: This round was HR plus technical. The interviewer started by giving his introduction and a brief insight into what GS does.

  1. He then asked for my introduction. And why do I want a software job while my branch is ECE.
  2. He asked me about my projects and the technologies used in them. How would you deploy an application and what happens in the process of entering a keyword in the browser and loading your requested page?  
  3. How to find the Kth node from the end of a linked list in one pass. 
  4. What is median and how would you find the median of an unsorted array. I told the O(nlogn) solution using sorting. He then asked me to find the median age of all the people in the world (a very large-sized array) in a time complexity better than O(nlogn). I took a lot of time to solve this one. I solved it using the counting sort in time complexity of O(n).

This was the end of my third round.

On 18th November, I received a mail saying that I have been selected for the internship.

Last Updated : 24 Nov, 2020
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