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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Campus drive for summer internship 2021 – IIT(BHU)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2020
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The process consisted of 1 online coding round , 3  tech interview rounds and 1 HR interview round.

Online Coding Round : It consisted of 3 coding questions and 15 mcqs based on both computer science and  Quantitative Aptitude.

Project discussion in each one of interviews: They asked me to explain one of my projects followed by brief discussions. ( Most of my projects were related to deep learning and web dev).

Round 1 Duration : 45 mins

Interviewer asked me to explain any of my projects.

1. Reverse the string word by word .

Using 0(1) space and O(n) time

2. Given two text files how will u find the difference between them ( diff f1 f2).

I used longest common subsequence for this problem and i was further asked how i’ll approach to code this , i proposed a recursive and dp based approach  . 

Round 2 Duration : 45 mins

Interviewer asked me to explain my web dev based project. 

1. Covert a binary tree into full binary tree

2. Given a string “++—” of length n-1   which contains ‘+’ and ‘-‘ char only , convert this into array which contains all number from 1 to n.

+ means ai > ai-1

– means ai < ai+1

Make a array of length n satisfying the string.

3. Puzzle orange , apple and apple & orange boxes whose tags are misplaced and we need to tell the minimum number of boxes we need to open to find the correct labels.

Round 3 Duration : 45 mins

1. Puzzle based on 5 jars , 4 with weight 10 grams and one the 9 gram . Minimum number of times we need to weight the jars.

2. Puzzle based on coins and round table. Develop a strategy in a two player game where both have infinite number of coins and one that places the last coin wins the game.Develop a strategy such that u always win.

3. Insert element at ith position in a double linked list

4. Given  array of length n  sort it by using two functions :  1. reverse any prefix array and  2.   get ith highest element’s index.

HR Round Duration : 25 mins

It was an  interactive round , HR asked about my interests and there was a detailed discussion on my projects. It was a nice experience.

General Tips: Be confident ,most of interviewers are quite helping and polite ,consider them as your friends . While solving all the question maintain a healthy interaction , keep discussing and tell him about your approach in detail. Keep it engaging . Try to provide all the solutions from brute to optimal step by step ,they are generally more focused on your thinking skills, even if u get stuck in any question ask (him/her) for hints and discuss what ever comes to your mind. If u don’t know about any topic , u can politely tell him(that I have not studied this topic) it’s completely alright , he will ask u something else. Don’t lie or exaggerate about your skills.

Maintain a positive attitude.

Verdict : Selected

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