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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience

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It’s not often that you come across a story which is so motivating and inspiring that telling the story to your audience is what you crave for. Zubin Sheth from Jadavpur University is someone special. Having been born with certain physical disabilities, he has crossed many hurdles in his life which an average person wouldn’t have to. Zubin is an inspiration for all who crib about how unfair life has been to them and try to find excuses in their circumstances.

He has proved that if you are passionate about something no one can stop you from achieving your goals, no matter how thorny the road might be. When we atTopTalent asked him about how he felt after landing a job at Goldman Sachs, he said “it feels really great and satisfying getting into one of the best in the club. But yes, I am still ‘hungry’ as there’s more to achieve. The journey has just begun.”

We say more power to you Zubin. In case you would like to download his resume please click here and download his resume.

What was your preparation strategy?

I stuck to basics. That’s what I’ve always done. I also used to practice writing code on whiteboard and paper more than system. Maybe that is something different that I used to do apart from regular practice and problem-solving.

What resources did you consult? Where did you practice problems from?

I started off with Cracking the Coding Interview and after completing it I moved on to GeeksForGeeks. I was never a TopCoder fan! I also used to discuss solutions with my friends which made sure I was solving it in the right way and to the best possible solution.

What kind of skills do you think helped you getting this job?

For Goldman Sachs, your aptitude and coding skills are not enough. Soft skills like communication – whether you are able to communicate your thoughts to the interviewer, your presentation skills and your confidence are equally important. I think my confidence and the way i explained my solutions struck. Goldman Sachs takes your CV seriously! They look for all-rounders and people who have tried different things.

What’s your advice to students who are aiming for similar placement offers as yours?

Don’t do something because everyone else is. Do what you love doing. Even though i was pursuing engineering, I was working part time in Online Marketing. That helps you widen ways in which you think, which is a great skill to posses in the industry. Also in college, we have the time and resources to try and see whether we like something or not. One should NOT waste that opportunity.

Importantly do not jump to higher levels unless you have your fundamentals right. Trust me, this is the best piece of advice I can personally share. Trying DP (dynamic programming) before getting your recursion and stack calls straight, just to sound cool will end you up in a disaster. I am sure this applies to any field for any profession.

What should one keep in mind while preparing a resume?

Your resume should first, look good. Spend time on alignment, font, size, everything. Keep it short. One pager is good. Only mention your strengths. Remove every word which is not required.

Some personal to-do’s :

  • Start Early. Do before everyone else starts competing for it.
  • Do what you love.
  • Try out different things. Try out random stuff.
  • Work Hard. Really hard.
  • Believe in yourself.

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Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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