Function Keys on keyboard

If you are daily user of computer or laptop, then you should know about functions of functions keys present on keyboard. They are very important nowadays.

Function Keys are keys on keyboard which cause operating system to command interpreter or an application to perform certain actions on the screen. There are 12 keys on the keyboard from F1 to F12. All keys are having different functions to perform. If you are using Laptop then you have to press Fn key along with other keys from F1 to F12 for use.

How to enable Fn Keys to use with Function Keys ?
Start laptop, then go to Bios setting and then move your cursor to system configuration. You will find option of Actions Key Mode and on same screen, you will get information about how to disable or enable Fn Key. If you will not enable Fn key, then also function keys will work but not in manner they are made to. So, enabling Fn Key is good idea, and pressing Fn Key with function keys will work better together.

Keys from F1 to F12 are also known as Action Keys. One by one, we will get to know about functions of these keys.

Key Function
F1 This key is used to open help center. If you are using keyboard of your computer, then only pressing F1 will work, but if you are using your laptop keyboard then pressing Function key (FN) with F1 will open help center. With this help center, if you want to know about any software or application or anything you can get help from there.
F2 This key is used to rename folder or file. If you want to change name of folder, then you don’t have to right-click on it, and then find rename option. You can simply click F2, and it will work properly. This function key will save time of use.
F3 This key is used to search application on computer or laptop. If you are doing it on your laptop, then pressing function key (FN) and F3 together will work. It will take you to search box where you can search application. Another use of F3 is that if you want to search text while using web browser, then also this key is used to search text.
F4 This key does not work alone. Pressing only F4 will not work whether it is on computer or laptop. Pressing Alt + F4 together works to close current application which is open on screen. Also, pressing both keys together while on desktop screen, then there shut down, restart option appears.
F5 This key is used to refresh screen. When you want to refresh screen, you have to go to desktop screen and then click refresh button, but F5 will simply do this work. Going to web browser, you want to refresh that website or that screen, F5 will refresh that. This will save time of user.
F6 This key is used to decrease volume if you are using this on laptop. If you are searching on web browser, and want to jump to any URL, then F6 will work.
F7 This key is used basically in MS Office apps like powerpoint, excel to find grammar mistakes in it.
F8 This key is used to go in safe mode. For example, if you are starting your laptop, then pressing F8 there will help you to go in safe mode. If you are using this key on Word, then all text in Word will be selected.
F9 This key alone has no work in Windows. It is basically used in MS Word with Alt and Shift.
F10 This key also does not have any use in Windows. It is used in MS Word with Shift. Pressing these both keys together, shortcut menu appears on screen.
F11 This key is used for full screen. If you want to use your browser then open that browser and press F11, for full-screen mode and can be get back to original screen by pressing ESC.
F12 When pressed, without FN key on laptop, then laptop will go in flight mode. This key basically does not have any use on computers. It is used in MS Word. When pressed, it automatically shows dialog box to save file.

So, these are basic functions of every function key.

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