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Freecharge Interview Experience for SDE-1 | On-Campus Recruitment

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2020

It was Campus recruitment(Online due to Covid-19). There was resume based shortlisting(50 out of 120+ were selected) and then there were 3 Technical rounds(1 Online Test + 2 Technical interview(Google Meet)), discussion with CTO of freecharge, and then an HR round.

ROUND 1 (ONLINE TEST): First round was an online coding round that had 3 coding questions and some technical MCQs.MCQs were based on time complexity, output questions based on C/C++, and recursive functions.It was a 90 minutes test.

Coding Questions:

  1. Boundary Traversal of binary tree

The other 2 questions were based on String. 5 candidates were selected out of 50 after this round for technical interview]


  1. Find first node of loop in a linked list
  2. Find minimum number of coins that make a given value
  3. Reverse a linked list
  4. Asked Time complexity of all the problems discussed and of 2 other recursive functions.

The interview lasted about 60-70 minutes


  1. How was your 1st interview? After that 20 minute discussion about projects.Questions like why u chose this project, difficulties u faced, and improvements that you can suggest were asked.
  2. Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree. After that, he asked what if one of the nodes is NULL and the time and space complexity of the solution.
  3. What is your favourite subject and why? I said DBMS so he asked 2-3 questions from DBMS like clustered and non-clustered indexes, normalization and denormalization and ACID properties of transactions.

He had some network connection problem so he ended the interview early. The interview lasted about 60 minutes.

Discussion with CTO(Chief Technology Officer): This was a general discussion about projects and technology used in projects, and then he asked how did your interviews went, why you want to join freecharge and talked about vision and direction of freecharge.In the last, he asked if I remember the name of the interviews who interviewed me.

ROUND 4 HR ROUND(Google Meet):

  1. Tell me about yourself and your family.
  2. Tell me an incident when you felt humiliated in a group and how did you cope with that. What keeps you going and what is your motivation?
  3. If you are the leader of your team and your team member is not putting required effort in the task then what you will do?  

Result: Selected. Only 1 offer was made

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