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Cradlepoint Interview Experience For SDE (Off-Campus)

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2023
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This was for the performance-based internship + FTE role (no performance-based conversion).

This year Cradlepoint was there to hire for the SDE role. I was not offered a position but cleared till the techno-managerial round, so thought of posting about it. Since when I was preparing for the company and searching for archives, there were none, I hope this helps.


ROUNDS: 4 (Including the OA)

POSITION OFFERED: Intern + Full-time

There were a total of three rounds after the Online Assessment.

Round 1 [Technical Round]:

This interview lasted for about 60-80 mins.

The interviewer joined and asked me to open the CodeSignal IDE link shared previously in the mail and we directly hopped onto solving questions. Questions were easy and were from LinkedList(reverse a linked list – both iterative and recursive approach), String (anagrams based), and a question on the Fibonacci sequence. He also asked me to write a query that revolved around INNER JOINS in SQL. Afterward, he asked me to explain the difference between INNER JOIN and UNION and CARTESIAN PRODUCT. So overall, it was an easy-medium interview.

ROUND 2 [Techno-Managerial]:

This interview hardly lasted for 40 mins. The interview was a wholesome one. The interviewer asked me about my interests and the domain I want to work on in the future. We discussed my projects (make sure to go through the projects really well). I was asked if I used any data structures like – trees, queues, and stacks in my project. Lastly, he asked me to explain one of my certifications and what I did there. This interview was a more interactive one and was not that hard on me.


Since I didn’t get into the HR round. I cannot tell you much about it but the best is to learn about the company and prepare with some common HR-asked questions like

  • Why do you want to join us?
  • Why Cradlepoint?
  • What makes you different from others who are applying to get this position?


Prepare well and crack it!

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