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Free Online Resume Builder By GeeksforGeeks – Create Your Resume Now!

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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In today’s job market, a majority of individuals aspire to have a worthwhile job in big MNCs. And this can only be achieved when you have all the required tech & non-tech skills along with having a standout, unique, and professional resume that can woo recruiters. Now you must be wondering what is a Resume and how to build a powerful resume for free in an online resume builder

A resume builds a gap between you and your blooming future. A resume is a one or two-page document which informs others about your qualifications, achievements, skills, and interests. It can be used for many things but especially to secure a job. 


When you see an advertisement on a billboard, you immediately think that the brand wants to sell me something and if the ad is creative and attractive – you’re immediately sold out on the product. Think of your resume as the same – an advertisement to sell yourself where you stress how you can benefit your future employer with your unique achievements and qualifications. 

Features of a well-structured ATS friendly resume:

  1. The resume should be concise i.e., no more than 2 pages.
  2. Easily readable and less time-consuming
  3. Be honest in whatever you mention in your resume.
  4. Quality matters over quantity which means giving specific areas of personal interest.
  5. Be precise.
  6. Talk about your achievements,

…and many more features that you can explore in the article – 12 Best Resume Do’s and Don’ts Tips in 2022

Now when you know what a resume is and how it can benefit you, it’s time to see how can you build a powerful resume for free with GeeksforGeeks’ Free Online Resume Builder?

With GeeksforGeeks’ FREE Online Resume Builder, you can create well-written professional-looking ats friendly resumes. Answer some of the basic questions about your academic skills, achievements, interests, and a few more sections and within 5 minutes or less, build a brand-new resume that can get you hired at your dream company. 

We provide simple and neat resume templates that you can customize as per your liking and the best thing about our free resume maker is that our predefined sections are already backed by recruiters from around the world. You don’t need to be a pro to create a resume as we ensure that our tool is that much easy to use without any hassle and it is designed in such a way that your resume will surely pass the ATS.

Did you know 98% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS program when hiring new employees?  Your resume have to pass through the ATS test before it lands on the hands of recruiters. GeeksforGeeks’ Online Resume Builder is designed to create resume that is ATS-friendly and can advance you to the next round. 

Follow these 3 steps and create a resume online to stand out from the crowd:

  1. Register with your E-mail ID.
  2. Enter all the required data/information.
  3. Preview and download the PDF version of your resume.

Be it an internship or full-time, companies look out for the best resume. If you’re a fresher and want to create a resume for freshers, you just need to mention your courses, skills, interests, projects, and achievements you gained in college/university or even as a freelancer. 

How Does GeeksforGeeks’ FREE Resume Builder Work?

Here are the major sections in which one has to enter the required details to create the resume:

  1. Basic Info – Primarily this section is where you get to fill in all the basic details about yourself such as name, contact number, address, email id, and an about section where you describe yourself.
  2. Education – In this section, you mention your educational background (institute name, the field of study, location of the institute, CGPA/Percentage.
  3. Work Experience – Here you have sections named “Add Your First Work” and “Add More Work” if you have more than 1 experiences which tells about the company’s name, designation, and start date.
  4. Skills – If you have any sort of technical skills, you can mention them here. For example, A computer science guy can tell about C, Python, Java, or any other technical field. Also, you can add as many skills as you want using the “Add Skill” button.
  5. Achievements – Give a brief introduction about all your achievements at college-level, be it inter-college or intra-college. For example, if you have participated in any technical event and won, do mention it here.
  6. Projects – Highlight some of your major projects here and do mention relevant projects.
  7. Social Links – Do add social links such as GitHub and LinkedIn. As it describes your technical work, that adds value to your resume.
  8. Hobbies and Interests – This section allows you to explain anything non-technical or related to co-curricular activities.
  9. Template (Try for free) – This section adds a design/format to your resume to make it structured properly. Whether you’re a fresher/experienced person, this is purely free.

Advantages of Using Online Resume Builder:

  • Gives you the best version of your resume.
  • 100% Free to use and download.
  • Even the template you choose (Fresher/Experienced) is free.
  • Date secured and protected.
  • Updated Design.
  • Saves time.
  • Your resume looks professional and polished.

Now let’s not confuse between Resume and CV. 

CV vs Resume: Key Differences 

There’s not much difference between a CV (Curriculum Vitae) and a resume. It’s just that Europeans call it CV and Americans call it a Resume. Simple as that! 


Curriculum Vitae

A resume is a one-page document that describes your qualifications, skills, and projects. A CV is a document that describes your work experiences, qualifications and skills, publications, references, certifications, and a lot more.
Changes as per company’s requirement. Static details (information stays the same).
It can be a one-page (max 2) document. It can be longer (no-length limit). It can be 2-8 pages, depending on the amount of experience. 
A term used when you’re a fresher. A term used when you’re an experienced person.
Mostly used for job search.  Used as a basic self-intro for academic purposes, such as applying for a research program, a PhD, or joining the staff of a university.
Focuses on professional achievements. Focuses on academic achievements. 

Where to Use CV or Resume?

  • For most US and Canadian jobs, resumes are the preferred application documents. A Canadian and an American use a CV only when applying for jobs abroad or when seeking a position related to academic research.
  • In the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand, CV is the most preferred application document. Resumes are hardly used here.
  • In India, South Africa, and Australia, resumes, and CVs are interchangeable. In these countries, a resume is generally required for private-sector jobs and a CV is required for public-sector work.

Final Thoughts

Job hunting is a tough job, especially when the competition is high and you’re barely floating in the cut-throat industry. GeeksforGeeks got your back when it comes to creating a professional resume that can stand you out of the crowd with its FREE Online Resume Builder that paves the way to the brightest future. Doesn’t matter if you’re a fresher or experienced; an intern or a full-time employee this will help in giving the best of your academic and non-academic career as well. A resume is an important tool for anyone’s job search and getting the interview done. 

Therefore, the structure you follow and the details you wish to include matter a lot, All that you can find in GFG Free Resume Builder. Go for your dream job by creating a strong professional resume!!

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