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Novoresume – Free Resume Builder Online

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A resume is a written summary of a person’s qualifications, including schooling, employment history, and talents. The main goal of a resume is to persuade a potential employer to schedule an interview with the applicant so they may learn more about their credentials and expertise.

Writing or updating a resume every time you apply for a different role at a different company can be a tedious task. But, you can simplify the process by using an online resume builder. With just a few steps, you can create or update your resume quickly and easily.

After reviewing and trying out various resume builders, we have figured out that Novoresume is the best online resume builder available. It provides a user-friendly interface and offers a wide range of templates that you can customize to suit your needs. Using an online resume builder like Novoresume can save you time and make the process of creating or updating your resume much easier.



It is a cutting-edge online resume builder created to assist job searchers in quickly and easily creating a professional and engaging resume. It provides a variety of editable templates and features to help users visually appealingly showcase their abilities, experiences, and accomplishments.

Along with a large selection of templates, Novoresume also offers customers pointers and advice on how to create compelling resume material. It provides guidance on how to write an interesting professional summary, includes job experience in a way that shows your successes, and accomplishments, and clearly expresses your talents and accomplishments.


  • An intuitive and simple-to-use interface provided by Novoresume makes it easy for customers to create resumes even if they have no prior design knowledge.
  • Novoresume provides a large selection of pre-designed templates so customers may pick the ideal template that matches their industry and personal style.
  • To make their resumes stand out, users can add their own unique touches as well as different colors and font styles.
  • Novoresume has a tool that looks for frequent errors in resumes and recommends improvement.
  • It offers a cover letter creator that helps users quickly and easily write professional cover letters.
  • This also adapts to well-known very easily.

Types of templates provided by Novoresume:

  • Templates for the Creative Sector: These templates are made for professionals in the graphic design, photography, and fine arts sectors.
  • Professional Templates: These templates are appropriate for business, financial, and technological experts.
  • Modern Templates: These templates are ideal for people working in a range of sectors and feature simple, minimalist styles.
  • Executive Templates: These templates are more upscale and are intended for senior-level executives and managers.
  • Student Templates: These templates focus on education and related experience and are created primarily for students and recent grads.
  • IT templates: These templates highlight technical expertise and talents and are created specifically for people in the information technology sector.

These are a few of the Novoresume template categories. You can select the template that matches your professional and personal preferences.

Why should you use Novoresume over other resume builders?

  • Novoresume enables users to import data from LinkedIn and other sources and export resume in a number of different formats, including PDFs.
  • Novoresume is made to assist users in creating resumes that are optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS), improving the likelihood that their resume will be chosen for additional evaluation.
  • Novoresume users may work together on resumes, making it more straightforward for them to receive comments and make changes.
  • Novoresume gives customers information on the performance of their resume, such as the number of views and downloads, as well as suggestions for how to make it better.

Pricing as of 2023: Novoresume has two pricing plans.

Basic: Basic version of Novoresume is free of cost.

Features provided:

  • One-page Resume
  • Predefined Layouts
  • One Resume

Premium: Novoresume’s premium version comes with three plans.

  • 1 Month: Rs.899/-
  • 3 Months: Rs.1499/-
  • 12 Months: Rs.3899/-

Features provided :

  • Up to 10 pages per Resumes/CV, Custom Layout & Cover Letter
  • Create multiple versions & Specialized Sections
  • 8 Premium Templates, 44 more color themes, 9 extra fonts, 4 extra picture styles
  • Creative rating styles & Backgrounds
  • Professional video tutorials & Icons for Interests

Thus, Novoresume is a modern and user-friendly resume-building tool that provides a variety of features and templates to assist users in creating a resume that stands out. Novoresume makes it simple for users to produce an extensive and expert-looking resume thanks to its customizable templates, pre-defined sections, and optimization for applicant tracking systems. Additionally, Novoresume is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for feedback and cooperation on their resume thanks to its analytics and collaboration capabilities.

Anyone looking for a simple and efficient resume builder should consider Novoresume.

Last Updated : 12 Apr, 2023
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