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How To Make a Resume With No Experience: First Job Resume Tips

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 13 Dec, 2022
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Writing a perfect resume is a challenge that is obvious because of the purpose it has to be made. Compiling all your work experiences, professional skills, strengths, etc. in a way that catches the eye of the employer so, you can get your dream job. It is the document that holds a major responsibility in itself and is a deciding factor in the way of your career. You worry less when you are qualified and have relevant work experience. However, it becomes an even bigger challenge when you are just passed out of college or high school and have no full-time work experience.

How To Make a Resume With No Experience


Yes, college students or fresh graduates often have so many doubts in their minds regarding resume writing like: 

  • How will you present yourself as an eligible and perfect candidate for what you are applying for?,
  • How to make an impressive resume with no experience?,
  • What should you put on the resume for your first job?, etc. 

In these times when all the employers are looking for experienced candidates, it becomes even more frustrating when you feel already rejected before applying for the job. Although, like other problems, this one also has a solution. As a fresher, you can write an impressive resume even with no work experience. How? Just look at the tips on how to make a great resume with no experience:

1. Focus on Academics

Most of the time you don’t realize that your educational qualification plays a major role in the process of hiring. It also becomes the savior when you don’t have work experience. So, it’s a good idea to bring the employer’s focus to your education. While mentioning the educational background you should emphasize the following points:

  • Academic Scores: It’s always a good idea to emphasize the academic achievements and the honors that have achieved while in the line of being a student. It leaves a good impression on employers about your commitment towards your main targets.
  • Assignments (Notable)/Extracurricular Activities: You may not realize it but the extracurricular activities and projects apart from your academics show how active you are. While it’s primarily important to be good at academics, it also leaves a good impact on the employer that you have done some important and quality assignments. If you have done so during your academic time, do not forget to mention them in the resume.
  • Recognitions: The awards and honors you have achieved during your student life, should not be restricted to be placed as a showpiece at home. Let that come out in front of the employer as well. So, if there’s any achievement in sports, essay competition, or inter-college or even inter-state competition related to academics or sports, do mention them in your resume.
  • Special Projects: This is something that will be a cherry on your resume. Did you handle a project single-handedly or have you been a part of an important project that you think should be a part of the resume, do not hesitate and do mention it as well.

2. Mention and Elaborate on Internships/Freelancing/Part-Time Jobs

All the professors/teachers often emphasize the importance of internships and willing or unwillingly you most probably would have done some internships. So, now it’s time to utilize those internships and shoot them in the resume as your experience because these are some real work-life experiences. Also, remember that you are only supposed to put only those internships that you have completed.

Apart from internships, if you have done part-time jobs or freelancing gigs, then what are you waiting for? Just put them in the resume and place them nicely. 

3. Skills in Chronological Order

Listing out your skills gives your employer an idea about what you are capable of. All you need to do is do thorough research on the skillset that is required for the position you are applying for and then analyze what skills you have and are eligible for the position based on the skills. In order to do so, make a list of skills, and then whatever skills you have acquired to date, put them in the resume in chronological form, from most important to least important. For example, if you are applying for a post as a video editor, you will be required to have proper knowledge of professional video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro along with other required skills. 

4. Add Summary Statement

The summary statement is meant for the employer to skim through all your relevant experience and important skills you acquire. It should be written as a bio which should be summed up in 30-50 words. You should choose these words very carefully and utilize this space very smartly as it will be a reflection of your professional skills. You can precisely mention the skills and what you can bring to the table professionally.

5. Find a Suitable Template

Finding a suitable and perfect resume template is itself a task, which can be sorted with research and analysis. To make your work easier, there are already several templates available online to help you with making your resume. You’re recommended to choose simple, creative, and engaging templates instead of complex ones. 

To help you out with this, GeeksforGeeks provides you FREE Online Resume Builder that allows you to create a professional and engaging resume within a few minutes. GeeksforGeeks Resume Builder offers you numerous enriching resume templates that can surely help you to grab the attention of recruiters and land your dream job.

6. Use Relevant Keywords

Spend time on understanding another aspect such as your resume should be ATS-friendly (Applicant Tracking Systems), which is a technique that employers or recruiters use to filter and scan job applications via some specific keywords. So, make sure that you don’t miss out on any point or keyword. 

7. Include a Cover Letter

Even if you feel lazy while doing this and feel it’s not required. Still, spend some time and write a cover letter that will help your candidature stand out in front of employers. It reflects your professional abilities where you should explain and elaborate on your skills, and relevant knowledge of the industry you are going to work with. So, make sure you give yourself enough time to write it carefully.

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8. Customize Resume According to Job Requirements

It is possible that you might go on to apply for various job opportunities and might be blindly copy-pasting the cover letter and resume for each of them. Stop right there, take a long breath and remember that if you are applying for the post of software developer, the recruiter has nothing to do with your video editing skills. So, be specific and customize your resume, each time you apply for a different job profile.


There’s not any issue while taking your time and facing challenges while creating your first resume – in fact, almost everyone faces the same. So, it’s better when you are planning to make a resume as a fresher, give yourself a proper time and do proper research. More than your experience, as a fresher you are supposed to make it a more skill-induced resume in order to grab the job opportunity. 

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