Fractal Analytics Interview Experience for Imagineer Role

Fractal Analytics is a purely an Artificial Intelligence-based company. You can check its website here When Fractal visited my college, I searched on the Internet about how to crack Imagineer role (which is for freshers). But, there wasn’t even a single article available for that. So, I decided to write an article about this role. 

This role is for freshers. 

Round 1: It consisted of 8 questions. But, these were not from Data Structures and Algorithms. 4 questions were based on Data Science concepts and 4 were SQL based. All test cases should run in order to qualify this round. 

The following are the tips to crack it:

  1. Your concepts of Numpy and Pandas should be crystal clear. You should know how to convert a dictionary into a data frame.  In fact, you should be thorough with all concepts of Numpy and Pandas.
  2. You should know all the SQL queries clearly. They are not going to ask simple queries. Don’t forget to prepare joins, group by, order by, having, where, min, max, count, etc. You can use GeeksforGeeks for this purpose.

Hope that it would be helpful for coming batches !!

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