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Fractal Analytics Interview Experience

Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2020
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I had interviewed for the Frontend Engineer (Grade 8) (Reactjs) role in January 2020 and here is my experience. 

I saw the job opening on the linkedin and applied for the same and after that contacted the recruiter who was my connection and told her that I would like to interview for it. She arranged the interview based on my CV. Here is my experience for the same.

  • Round 1 (Take home assignment):

         It was a take home assignment in which I had to solve two different problems.

          1. Create autocomplete search in react. To test how would you implement the search box just like Amazon or Flipkart, how to do debounce and handle network call efficiently.

          2. Create a dynamic todo bucket list, in which multiple buckets can be created and each bucket can have their own todo list, which can be dragged to change the order. This one was more complex as the state management was the most crucial part of this assignment.

  • Round 2 (React / Web development):

         This was an onsite round, In which I was asked questions about my past experience. After that there was core-react round to check how I think in react. Component reusability, extending the components, coding style, lifecycle methods, widget creations and embedding, optimization.

  • Round 3 (DSA):

         This was also onsite round.

         In this round I was asked to solve two algorithms in 45 mins

        1. Check if the string  can be converted to another string by deleting, modifying the characters of it .

        2. Credit card validation in javascript.

  • Round 4 (Core Javascript):

         This round was mainly based on the Vanilla Javascript and its understanding. I was asked about

  1. this
  2. Closure
  3. Currying
  4. Debounce
  5. Throttling
  6. Promises vs callbacks
  7. Web store api’s
  • Round 5 (VP):

         This was the final round with the VP of the team in which I was about to get hired, he asked me about my experience, how good I am with React, my approach while creating a component in react, when I decide to create a new component rather than extending the existing one.

         Then we discussed cultural fit and pressure handling, extreme deadlines, etc.


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