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Flipkart Interview Experience for UI Engineer I

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2021

Hi everyone, Hope everything is fine. Today I’m going to share my Flipkart Interview experience for the role of UI Engineer I. So without further ado let’s get started. 

Online Application: I got referred by one of my colleagues for the position of UI Engineer I. 

Round 1(Machine Coding): The interviewer gave me a problem statement that laid out the key points that needs to be solved. 

Since the role is for UI Engineer position the requirement was to create a frontend system having below features

Left side of UI

  • i) A small form containing radio buttons, 2 text boxes and submit button. The radio buttons needs to be implemented in form of small circles having specific size. The 2 text boxes are labeled as Title and Subtitle
  • The background of radio buttons needs to be colored. The colors needs to be randomly generated by calling an API that was given to me.
  • The purpose of the form is to act as a filter. It could take input in different form of combinations such as by selecting color, color + inputting title, color + subtitle, color + title + subtitle. Based on the input given, the final output will be filtered accordingly.
  • The final output is nothing but a list of rectangular boxes having specific color as background and containing title or subtitle based on filter selected.
  • Say if you choose blue color, then all those rectangles having blue color will be displayed.
  • Say if you choose green color and input title as “Title1” then all rectangles having color green and title “Title1” will be displayed.
  • Say if you choose any filter which doesn’t match with any rectangles then no rectangles will be displayed.

Right side of UI

  • The left and right side of UI is to be separated by a thick black line. The features for right side are as below
  • i) Another form needs to be implemented containing 2 text boxes, several radio buttons whose background colors is to be fetched by calling the API given to me and a submit button. Again the 2 text boxes are labeled as Title and Subtitle
  • Based on the type of input given, a corresponding rectangle will get generated to the left hand side of the UI.
  • Say if you choose red color and give title as “Hello” then a rectangle with red background color gets generated with the title “Hello

Round 2(Coding Round): There were 3 coding questions given. They are as follows:-

  1. Given a sorted array of N elements and an element K. Find the frequency of element K in the array. 
    Discussed on edge cases like 
    • If the element K is not present in the array
    • If the array is null or empty
  2. Given a binary tree, find the maximum path sum. The path may start and end at any node in the tree. 
    Discussed on edge cases like 
    • If binary tree is empty or null
    • If all nodes in tree contains negative values only.
  3. Given an array of N elements and an integer X, find 3 elements in the array whose sum is closest to given element X 
    Discussed on edge cases like 
    • If input array is empty or null
    • If input array contains less than 3 numbers or no such triplet exists in the array
    • If there are multiple triplets in the array. (Interviewer confirmed to print any one triplet)

Round 3(UI Tech Round): This round was purely based on UI concepts related to HTML, CSS & JS

Few questions that I could recall are as follows:-

  1. const word = ‘hello’ 
    word[1] = ‘m’
  2. console.log(a) 
    const a = 1; 
    There were follow up questions based on var & let
  3. Currying and hoisting in javascript
  4. Difference between Typescript & Javascript
  5. Explain the entire process (what actually happens in backend) starting from sending request from client to server and then back to client.
  6. <body><script src=”index.js”/><div></div></body> 
    What will happen to DOM tree if some issue happens in script tag?
  7. <div class=”blue red”></div> <div class=”red blue”></div> 
    .blue {background-color: blue;} 
    .red {background-color: red;} 
    What will be the background color of both the divs?
  8. Explain promise chaining in javascript?
  9. How does javascript figures out that a promise is resolved?

Round 4(Hiring Manager Round): It was totally based on behavioral aspects and Flipkart culture fit. Some of the questions that I could recall are as follows:

  1. Why you want to join Flipkart? What makes you interested in this job?
  2. Any role model you want to emulate?
  3. Discussion on current company project
  4. How would you ensure that defects are minimized or minimal possible upon release in production?
  5. What are the different aspects you would look upon when you join a new job?
  6. What motivates you the most at work?

Thanks. That’s all I could recollect. I hope it would surely help you in preparation for your next coding interview. Till then happy learning and take care. 

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