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Flipkart Interview Experience for Data Engineer 1

  • Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2021

I have applied via Linkedin and received call from HR.

There are 4 rounds of interview.

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Normally, We see machine coding as first round, due to the unavailability of slots, I had machine coding as second round.

Round 1(Data Modelling + SQL Queries): I was asked to create data model for an e-commerce company.

  • Need to explain each table and relation between them in an optimized way.
  • Then, asked 3 SQL queries ( difficulty level-medium to hard).

Tips: Prepare well for data modeling and practice hard SQL queries.

Round 2(Machine Coding): I was given few json documents and asked to provide solutions to the given queries. (free to use any language/environment).

  • I used spark to solve them. It was my first time dealing with json format, so I struggled a bit in this round.
  • Panel members were satisfied with my approach and logic.

Tips: Be familiar with all file formats before this round and play with dataframes if you use spark.

Round 3(Tech Round): I have explained my project end to end and few follow-up questions on the same.

Then, asked about

  • Spark internals and optimization techniques in spark (in-depth)
  • Why no-sql databases( advantages)
  • Few questions related to big data stuff.
  • 2 DSA questions based on the array(similar to missing number) (difficulty level- medium)
  • Again questions on spark internals based on jobs, stages, tasks.
  • Given one ETL scenario and asked to explain end-to-end flow from ingestion till data warehouse. Few SQL queries based on the same scenario. The interviewer was satisfied with my approach.


  • Understand spark internals, optimization techniques thoroughly as this round has high weightage and thereby it gives confidence to the interviewer that you can handle work in spark environment.
  • Prepare for DSA questions ( you never know that you may face Hard questions)

Cleared this round and have to face final round.

Round 4(HM Round): This round will test your project understandings( end to end).

  • Lot of follow up questions on every answer you say.
  • Be ready to face questions on each part of your project.

Tips: Question yourself on each part of your project( How and Why) before facing HM round.

Verdict: Selected.

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