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Flipkart Interview Experience for SDE 1 | On-Campus 2020

Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2021
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Flipkart recently visited my college. There was a total of 4 rounds conducted.

Round 1 (Online Test):  The online round was conducted which comprises 3 DS Algo coding questions, the time given was 90 Minutes. The first question was based on the implementation part, the second question used concepts of the priority queue and DP, the third question was based on graph backtracking.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): In this round, only 3 ds algo coding questions were asked in the span of 45-50 minutes.

  1. Find the row having a maximum number of 1s in a binary matrix where each row is sorted. 

    • Expected Time Complexity: O(n)
    • Expected Space Complexity: O(1)
  2. Clone a stack without using extra space. 

    • Expected Time Complexity: O(n) or O(n^2)   (Both would work)
    • Expected Space Complexity: O(1)
  3. Word Ladder (Length of shortest chain to reach a target word)[]=BFS&page=1&query=category[]BFSpage1

Round 3 (Technical Interview): In this round, only 2 DSA coding questions were asked in the span of 30-35 minutes.

  1. The question was similar to Rotten Oranges(only the language was changed a bit, everything else was the same)

    • Expected Time Complexity: O(n*m)
    • Expected Space Complexity: O(n*m)
  2. Find next greater number with same set of digits

    • Expected Time Complexity: O(n)
    • Expected Space Complexity: O(1)

Round 4 (Manager Round): This round mainly focussed on the work I have done during my internship, He used to give me conditions on how would I have handled that problem if it occurs. Also, he asked some general questions about life and myself. At the end he asked a puzzle regarding an android game and how would I proceed further with the interface and what are the different validation checks I have to use, Also how would I be able to ensure security, and how to make it more efficient at the same time. This was a 25-30 minute round.

Tips: Focus mainly on data structures and algorithms. Handling Corner cases is a necessity.

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