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Ernst and Young interview experience

  • Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2018
Geek Week

Round 1:  The first was aptitude. They took more than 2 hours to fix their server issue and then finally after waiting for so long we wrote the aptitude. There were 87 questions for me, 90, 60, etc for others for the same 60 mins. It was very bad to see such reputed company doing like this .

Round 2: We were waiting for aptitude results which we solved taking lot of efforts and time. Aptitude was canceled . We were like wtf!

Then they dumped everyone to GD and 3 out of 10 got selected.

Round 3: Here comes the technical round . It went so well and I had complete confidence over the offer .

Fortunately I got rejected. They are such careless, unethical and manner less people and wasted our entire day just to employ 17  female candidates out of 19 .  All the best

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