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Envestnet Yodlee On-Campus Interview Experience (2018-19)

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Company: Envestnet Yodlee Profile: Senior Software Engineer Location: Bangalore Eligibility Criteria: CS(M.Tech + B.Tech) && 70% cutoff  

                             Round 1(Online Written Test)

This round comprises 4 sections:
  • Aptitude (Quantitative & Logical Reasoning only): 20 marks –> (30min)
  • Technical MCQ (CS fundamentals) : 10 marks –> (25min)
  • Code snippet MCQ (C/C++/Java) : 10 marks –> (25min)
  • Coding Question: 10 marks –> (25min)
Aptitude(Difficulty Level – Medium to Hard): This part comprises 20 questions of 1 marks each. It basically judges your aptitude speed because questions were lengthy to read. Tip: Don’t spend much time to read the lengthy question, move on and try to answer simple questions first. Resource: OR Aptitude questions from R.S.Aggarwal is enough Technical(Difficulty Level – Easy to Medium): This part comprises 10 questions of 1 marks each. Basic Computer fundamentals like OOPs concepts, SQL, DBMS Code snippet(Difficulty Level – Medium to Hard): This part comprises 10 questions of 1 marks each. You have to be very very good at code debugging or extremely lucky- LOL. Resource: StudyTonight OR Javatpoint Coding Question(Difficulty Level – Easy to Medium): This part comprises only 1 coding question. This will not require any special practice. If you have been coding for a few years, participating in various coding contests, this will be a cakewalk for you. Just keep the track of the time. Question : Given two Strings str1 and str2, length(str1) <= length(str2). You have to find out no. of times str1 appears in str2 in such a way that str1 should be surrounded by alphanumeric characters, except the extreme sides. Input: str1 = “theapplethe” and str2 = “the”        Output : 2 Input: str1 = “theserioustheissue@thehrlium” and str2 = “the”         Output : 2 There was no negative marking in this round. After this round, 11 students were short-listed.

Round 2(Telephonic)

Yodlee Team was not there in the campus, so just to filter out the Students, they conducted the telephonic round rather Group DIscussion. In this round, they started with the brief introduction and asked questions on OOPs concepts, basic DS, some good puzzles. Some Questions are:
  •  Real life example of Inheritance, doubly linked list and circular linked list.
  •  An advantage of the circular linked list over the simple linked list.
  •  What is agile?
  •  Give 1 example of algo which can be solved by recursion as well as iteration method, Which is better and Why?
  •  What is Run time polymorphism, abstract class, interface, JVM?
  •  Some questions on Memory management in java. What is Deamon thread?
  •  How can we optimize searching in the database? etc… During solving puzzles, if they are allowing time to solve….just think it. Don’t surrender. Out of 11 Students, 6 were shortlisted for FTF interview, which was held in Noida. Resource: Tip: If you know something about they asked, try to give your answer, don’t surrender. But if you never heard what they asked, say straight forward……Sir/Mam I haven’t heard about it. Don’t try to play bluff

Round 3(Technical 1)

It started with the brief introduction and asked questions on resume and some questions on Projects. What technology you have used? Is it trending? What is it’s scope? One of my project was based on data science. A thorough discussion on it. If I give you the data containing interest of peoples, what productive results you can carry out from it and How? After getting some heat and connection establishment, the main process starts with Data Structures and Algorithms. Q1: What is ArrayList? Tell me it’s Properties. Difference between Vector and ArrayList.Implement ArrayList with all functionalities that I told before. Write code on the whiteboard. Q2: Explain Partitioning logic of QuickSort.Give a real-life example where this logic works. Write code. Q3: Given two arrays A and B.Find whether one array is present in other or not. It should be in O(n) with no extra space. Write code. Q4: Given a linked list and value of K.Reverse the linked list after every k elements. It should be in O(n) with no extra space. Write code. Test Case: Input: 1->2->3->4->5->6->7->8->9 and K=3 Output: 3->2->1->6->5->4->9->8->7 This round went for 50 min. I had answered approx all the questions and with total Conviction. Out of 6 Students, 4 were shortlisted for 2nd Technical Round. Resource: Data Structure and Algorithms By Narasimha Karumanchi Cracking The Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell Tip: Try to give Brute Force Solution as soon as possible, this shows that you have something to deal with it and then take time to observe your logic and try to optimize it.

Round 4(Technical 2)

This round was based on architectural design and optimization, some advanced SQL queries and Algorithms. Another Interviewer took this round. Some Questions are:-
  • Tell me about yourself. How were your previous rounds?
  • What is the hardest problem you have ever solved? What was your approach?
  • Again after connection establishment, the main process starts:
  • Design Tez(Google’s Transaction App).Starting with the UI explain the internal architecture, the database schema.
  • How would you handle two transactions at the same time?
  • How would you fetch the contacts of mobile in your application and use these contacts for your business growth? (I have worked on Android, so I knew this very well).Write code for Content Provider(ContentResolver Interface).
  •  What type of database would you use and Why?
  • Tell me the attributes name and asked some SQL queries on it.
  • Indirect Question on Topological sort(How would you restrict the 2nd year students not to register the 3rd year courses).
  • Given a linked list and value of K. Delete all pair of nodes whose sum is equal to K.Pair of nodes may be consecutive or separate. You are not allowed to use extra memory. Write code. TestCase: Input:: 2->3->9->5->8->10->4 and K = 7 Output: 9->8->10
This round went for 35 min(approx).Out of 4 Students, 3 were shortlisted for HR Round. Resource: nsolved&badge_type=sql Tip: Interviewer doesn’t expect the exact answer from you. Just explain your thought process, what you are thinking with a clear mindset.

Round 5(HR Round)

This was a very casual round. It started with:-
  • How was your day?
  • How are you feeling now?
  • From where you belong to?
  • Tell me why you are fascinated towards Yodlee.
  •  Is this your first Job interview?
  • What other companies visit here?
  • Why Yodlee?
  • Tell me one thing which will make me hire you. I asked 2 questions to HR – (This Shows that I’m interested in their company) A formal conversation was going on with full of smile and I answer all questions confidently. This round went for 15 min. All 3 students have to go through Managerial Round (Last Round) Tip: Be Yourself and Confident. Try to show how much you are fascinated to work in that company. Don’t tell a lie because you can’t fool HR.

Round 6(Managerial Round)

This round was again a telephonic round. We all 3 got the call from Yodlee Head Office and the most important thing, Interviewer was my University Alumni. It again started with a brief introduction and discussion on my internship and work experience.
  • What is your hobby? (I said Teaching, and I have been teaching mathematics from last 2 years), Immediately He asked me What OOPs concepts you will use to make a coaching website with your team?
  • Questions on Normalisation.
  • He gave me 2 SQL query, no of rows and attributes of the table, asked which one would be faster?
  • Why Yodlee?
  • Why you wanna work on Data Science?
  • Is our company would help you to achieve your target? Basically, he was testing my teamwork and whether I’m fit for the organization (A final decision) This round went for 30 min(approx).

Tips and Important Guidelines:

These guidelines are according to my experience, things can be changed at the time of the interview, just try to answer them with the presence of mind.
  • Be Confident in your answer.
  • Explain your thought process with a clear mindset
  • Prepare a good introduction of yourself that contains your background, areas of interest. (It’s an out question and definitely, it would be the first question to drive your interview)
  • Never miss the opportunity to show your interest in the company
  • Yodlee is one of the few companies that take the rigorous technical test during their placement procedure. So prepare well. Best of luck
Finally Result: Only 1 student got selected from my college and I was glad to be that one. All’s well that ends well. ?

Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2018
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