Envestnet Yodlee Interview Experience

It was a joint campus drive of all North East NITs.

Round 1:
It was on online objective test consisting of 4 sections: Aptitude, Technical MCQs, Code snippet based MCQs and Coding part.
Coding part had questions like balanced parenthesis check, etc.

Round 2- GD Round
Topic-> Elevator vs Escalator
-> Tubelight vs Bulb
->Who is more happier, we or our forefathers

Round 3-1st Technical Round (about 35 minutes)
-> Give a brief description of yours
-> Questions asked about Projects
-> Pseudo code for Quick and Merge Sort and Radix Sort
-> Reversal of Linked List
-> Sql queries
-> Why java is platform independent?
-> JDK, JVM and JRE
-> Difference b/w abstract class and interface
-> OOPs concept like inheritence, abstraction , etc
-> Software engineering models
-> 2 C++ programs: Given a string, find the unique characters in it and display them Ex-Input-‘aaabbcdddddaaaaa’ Output-‘abcd’
: Given a sentence, find all the words starting with a vowel
-> Complexities of Sorting Algos

Round 4- 2nd Technical Round (about 15 minutes)
-> Array vs Linked list
-> Static keyword and const
-> 25 horses puzzle and also its pseudo code
-> Project Questions
-> Questions from Testing part of S/w development
-> database schema

Round 5- Non-Technical Round
-> Questions asked about company
-> About yorself
-> Projects
-> Family background
-> Motto of life

Round 6- HR Round

->why Yodlee?
-> will you accept the job offer

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