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Envestnet Yodlee Interview Experience (Pool Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2018
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Company: Envestnet Yodlee
Profile Software Engineer
Eligibility Criteria: 7+ CGPA and only CSE students were allowed
All Rounds 17/07/2017 (Pool Campus at NIT Agartala)
NITs Invited NITs -agartla, silchar, nagaland, sikkim, meghalaya, mizoram, arunachal pradesh, manipur

Round 1

Online round comprises 4 sections:

  • Aptitude (Quantitative & Logical Reasoning only): 20 marks
  • Technical MCQ (CS fundamentals) : 10 marks
  • Cope snippet MCQ (C/C++/Java) : 10 marks
  • Coding Question: 10 marks

Each section had its own individual time constraints.

The coding question asked to me was given prime factors of a number.

Example :
The prime factors of 126 are: 2 x 3 x 3 x 7,  or 2 x 3^2 x 7.

66 students out of 150(Approx.) were shortlisted for the pool.

Round 2

This was a group discussion round. The main aim of this round was to check if students can communicate clearly in English. The topics asked were simple and about 50% of people got selected per group of 11 students. My group’s topic was “Our forefathers were more happier than us” .

Round 3

This was a technical round. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Then he went through my CV and started asking questions based on it.

He asked me what is my favourite subject, but I said I have gone through all core subjects,

so he started asking me from C, cpp, java, python, dbms, os, ds, algo, Software Engineering.

All were basic questions.

Then he asked some programming questions like to check for pelindrome, reverse a string, find count of each alphabet in as tring, remove capital alphabets from a string, write programme for binary search

Round 4

Then from 3rd round I was sent to fourth round, where i was asked all the things wrriten in my CV.

They asked me about my internship, projects, and they asked what i had done as TNP(I was TNP).

He asked about software engineering.

Round 5


This was HR round and he just asked my hobbies and about the company.

He asked to tell 20 characterstics of the pen he given to me(I told only 2!!).

RESULT: One student(me) was selected from NIT Nagaland and 2 from NIT Silchar and 1 from NIT Agartala.

Tips specifically for Yodlee:

  • You don’t need to be a coding pro for this company. Just be a Java pro. Know Java as much as you can.
  • Be confident. It is very very important. If you don’t believe in your skills they will surely not believe in you. Make them believe that you are what you think you are.
  • Having thorough knowledge about databases with a good project in Java is what they seek.
  • Coming from a good college with a good CGPA always helps. A relevant internship experience is a plus though not mandatory.
  • If you are below average in your aptitude and communication skills then you need to work on it.
  • LUCK. This cannot be ignored. No matter how smart, hardworking and knowledgeable you are; your fate lies in the hands of the interviewer. It happens many times that they feel that you might not be fit for the company but it doesn’t mean that you are incapable. It was just not your day.

Hope you do well! Best of luck!

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