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Engineering Mathematics – GATE CSE Previous Year Questions

Last Updated : 20 May, 2023
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Solving GATE Previous Year’s Questions (PYQs) not only clears the concepts but also helps to gain flexibility, speed, accuracy, and understanding of the level of questions generally asked in the GATE exam, and that eventually helps you to gain good marks in the examination. Previous Year Questions help a candidate practice and revise for GATE, which helps crack GATE with a good score. 

Engineering Mathematics Previous Year GATE Questions help in analyzing the question pattern of a subject and marking scheme as well as it helps in time management which overall increases the score in the GATE exam. With regular practice of PYQs, candidates can easily crack GATE with a good GATE Score.

Before 2006, questions asked in GATE were mainly theoretical, but in recent years, the questions asked were multiple-choice questions with a single correct option or multiple correct options. We are looking to provide the multiple-choice questions that are asked in GATE.

Engineering Mathematics GATE Previous Year Questions

In this article, we are mainly focusing on the Engineering Mathematics GATE Questions that are asked in Previous Years with their solutions, and where an explanation is required, we have also provided the reason.

In Engineering Mathematics, we will deal with the following concepts. We have also provided GATE Previous Year’s Questions on these topics. Here is the list of those topics along with their links.

Also, here we are going to discuss some basic PYQs related to Engineering Mathematics.

1. Consider the following two statements with respect to the matrices Am x n, Bn x m, Cn x n, Dn x n.

Statement 1 : tr(AB) = tr(BA)

Statement 2 : tr(CD) = tr(DC)

where tr( ) represents the trace of a matrix. Which one of the following holds? [GATE CSE 2022]

(A) Statement 1 is correct and Statement 2 is wrong

(B) Statement 1 is wrong and Statement 2 is correct

(C) Both Statement 1 and Statement 2 are correct

(D) Both Statement 1 and Statement 2 are wrong

Solution: Correct answer is (C).

2. Consider the functions 

I. e-x

II. x2 – sin x

III. √ (x3 + 1) [GATE CSE 2020]

Which of the above functions is/are increasing everywhere in [0,1]?

(A) III only

(B) II and III only

(C) II only

(D) I and III only

Solution: Correct answer is (A)

For more, refer to GATE | GATE CS 2020 | Question 11.

3. Choose the most appropriate equation for the function drawn as a thick line, in the plot below. [GATE CSE 2015]



(A) x = y – |y|

(B) x = -(y – |y|)

(C) x = y + |y|

(D) x = -(y + |y|)

Solution: Correct answer is (B)

For more, refer to GATE-CS-2015 (Set 3) | Question 65.

4. Consider a random variable X that takes values + 1 and-1 with probability 0.5 each. The values of the cumulative distribution function F(x) at x = – 1 and + 1 are [GATE CSE 2012]

(A) 0 and 0.5

(B) 0 and 1

(C) 0.5 and 1

(D) 0.25 and 0.75

Solution: Correct answer is (C)

For more, refer to GATE | GATE CS 2012 | Question 47.

5. Consider the function f(x) = sin(x) in the interval [π/4, 7π/4]. The number and location(s) of the local minima of this function are [GATE CSE 2012]

(A) Two, at π/2 and 3π/2

(B) One, at 3π/2

(C) One, at π/2

(D) Two, at π/4 and 3π/2

Solution: Correct answer is (D)

For more, refer to GATE CS 2012 | Question 9.

GATE CSE Previous Year Question Papers

These previous year’s questions help you in understanding the question patterns followed by GATE that directly help a candidate in scoring good marks in GATE. Below are the mentioned links of year-wise GATE Previous Question Papers.

Year Paper Keys
2023 2023 Paper 2023 Answer Keys
2022 2022 Paper 2022 Answer Keys
2021 2021 Set 1 Paper 2021 Set 1 Key
2021 Set 2 Paper 2021 Set 2 Key
2020 2020 Paper 2020 Keys
2019 2019 Paper 2019 Keys
2018 2018 Paper 2018 Keys
2017 2017 Set 1 Paper 2017 Set 1 Keys
2017 Set 2 Paper 2017 Set 2 Keys
2016 2016 Set 1 Paper 2016 Set 1 Keys
2016 Set 2 Paper 2016 Set 2 Keys
2015 2015 Set 1 Paper 2015 Set 1 Keys
2015 Set 2 Paper 2015 Set 2 Keys
2015 Set 3 Paper 2015 Set 3 Keys
2014 2014 Set 1 Paper 2014 Set 1 Keys
2014 Set 2 Paper 2014 Set 2 Keys
2014 Set 3 Paper 2014 Set 3 Keys
2013 2013 Paper 2013 Keys
2012 2012 Paper 2012 Keys
2011 2011 Paper 2011 Keys

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