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ecare Technology Labs Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 21 Nov, 2016

The company came in our campus, for recruitment in their Noida office. Firstly there was a presentation from the company.

1st round :
Online coding contest through Hackerearth platform. There were around 10 MCQ questions and 5 coding questions and they advised us to focus on coding questions.
MCQ questions cover quant, Java, database etc. Questions difficulty level was good.

1st coding question was to find out whether two strings were anagram or not.
2nd coding question was to find that a string is balanced or not. A string is said to balanced if letter within strings occur equal no. of times or not. For example, aabbcc is a balanced string but aabbccc not.
3rd coding question was simple array coding question.
4th coding question was a good one.
5th coding question was that we have given a string and we have to find how many substrings can be made and then find out how many distinct substrings can be made and print the difference b/w two.
It was an elimination round.

2nd round:- Technical + HR interview
1) He asked me which languages you know. I replied C and C++. Then he asked me difference b/w c and C++
2) Then he asked me two good quetions on C++ questions.
3) Then he asked me about my family background
Then he told me about their company. That’s all.

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