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Droom Technology Internship Interview Experience

Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2018
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Droom Technology visited our campus recently and I bagged an internship opportunity there.

First Round: The first round was a written test consisting of 20 MCQs divided between 6-7 general aptitude questions and the rest varied between topics such as DBMS, DS/Algos (mainly output questions), OOPs etc. 18 students cleared this round and were shortlisted for the interviews.

Second Round (Technical Interview): 1. The interview began with the interviewer asking me to introduce myself and tell him briefly about the technical projects I had worked on in the past. He took my CV and studied it properly. I spoke about the academic projects I had done and since I had worked on data analysis, he asked me some basic questions related to data cleaning and analysis.

2. He then shifted the conversation to DBMS. He asked me the difference between relational and conventional DBMS, the concept of joins, types of joins, the differences between primary, foreign and candidate keys, the concept of closure of a set of functional dependencies. Also, he asked me an analytical question about 2 tables and how to join them.

3. The interview then tilted towards OOPs concepts. The interviewer asked me the 5 basic OOPs concepts and then asked me to write a block of code in any language illustrating all those concepts in a single program. Various theoretical questions were asked thereafter; such as the difference between compile time and run time polymorphism, the concept of dynamic binding, static and const keywords, virtual functions, static functions, operator overloading etc.

4. In the end, the main focus was on Data Structures and Algorithms. He asked me to explain merge sort and heap sort and compare them in terms of time and space complexities. He asked me the logic behind merging 3 sorted arrays, in-place heap sort, sorting a stack, how I could find the middle element of a stack in O(1) time (Designing the stack in such a way). This section of the interview went the best for me as I was able to answer most questions correctly.

Round 3 (HR interview): 7 students proceeded to this round. I was asked to talk about my interests in life, my family background, my strengths and weaknesses. They observed my resume’ keenly and asked me about my article that got published on GfG. I was also asked questions like, ‘Why did you choose Electronics and Communication and why do want to shift to software sector?’, ‘If you want to design a recommendation system for wherein you provide recommendations to the user depending on their likes and dislikes, how will you do it? What sort of machine learning algorithms will you use for it?’

In the end, 4 students bagged the internship and I was one of them. I would like to thank GeeksForGeeks for helping me learn various technical topics and providing a great platform for coding.

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