Droom Technology Interview Experience

Round 1: It was a pen and paper based objective mcqs round. There were 20 mcqs. Most of them were easy. Questions were from quantitative aptitude(work and wages, speed distance time, numbers), OS, DBMS  and Data Structures.

Round 2: It was a technical round. 2 coding questions were asked(1. Lowest common ancestor in a binary tree. 2. Segregating 0s and 1s in an array)

Round 3: Again a technical round. 3-4 technical coding questions from the topic you tell them you are strong at. Practice commonly asked interview questions to ace this round

Round 4: Technical + HR round . Projects were discussed in detail and puzzles and guess estimate questions were asked. HR questions like talk about your family background, what do you know about Droom and why do you want to join Droom were asked. Be confident in whatever you say.

Round 5: HR round ..Very short round.. Seemed to be a formality.. Round 4 seemed to be the deciding factor.

6 students got job offer.

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