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Different ways to use CM effectively

Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2020
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Corrective Maintenance (CM), is a maintenance action that is usually performed to repair or replace failed assets (equipment, components, parts of equipment, etc.). In such cases, no precautionary or preventive actions are performed on an asset that is allowed to run until its failure. This maintenance or corrective action is generally applicable for equipment that comes under low priority due to its less severity and equipment without which operations can be continued without any interruption. This is also applicable to assets that are of lower value i.e. restoring or replacement of such assets prove less expensive than maintaining and preventing it from failure. Managing CM effectively simply means :

  • To use lowest number of tools and resources required for performing CM.
  • To use a smaller number of laborers or members to perform CM.
  • To carry out CM more quickly in an efficient manner.
  • Team members having access to all tools required and all information that is essential such as information regarding problems, previous failures, history of assets, etc.
  • All members allowed to report problems or issues.
  • Team members working effectively and communicating well with each other.
  • Availability of trained technicians.

Ways to perform CM more effectively :
There are different ways in which one can perform CM more effectively. Such ways are also supported by Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) as given below :

  1. Streamline Reporting Process :
    Streamline reporting process is a type of process that keeps organization moving forward as well as provide all information that is needed. It simply keeps data secure and accurate. All processes are generally designed to streamline way that team members work. One needs to make sure that all corrective actions are addressed properly. For properly addressing corrective actions, each and every member within organization should be allowed and have an easy way to report any issues. After reporting, responsibility of management team to oversee and manage it. Therefore, they should also be provided an easy way to do their work. Streamline reporting process allows one to follow set of steps that will lead to fewer failures, effort required is reduced, as well as customers feel more satisfied. If streamline reporting process is not implemented then there can be many problems as given below :

    • Team members may get frustrated.
    • There might be increase in cost.
    • Resources are also wasted.
    • Customers might complain regarding poor quality of product or bad service.
    • Work may be incomplete or not done.
  2. Tune Workflow :

    One needs to maintain quality of product by increasing speed of to CM process. Everyone that is going to take part in performing CM should know what they are supposed to do and should have full information regarding their work. This will speed up their work that in turn increase production.

  3. Manage Scheduling :
    Organizations that are running well and have well-maintained departments, such organizations have well-defined maintenance strategies that work in efficient manner by scheduling overall maintenance tasks. There are several corrective actions are needed to performed immediately and some of them can be performed later. Depending upon severity of problem, corrective actions are prioritized and scheduled. For scheduling corrective actions, one needs to keep in mind following points :

    • Corrective actions that are already in progress
    • Corrective actions that are needed to be performed.
    • Who is going to perform particular corrective action?
    • Who are other technicians that can perform other corrective actions that are scheduled and when?
  4. Ensure proper communication channels :
    One that is going to perform particular task should have knowledge regarding their work. All members are going to perform corrective actions for assets that should be updated on progress of maintenance work. Even members that are not working with assets should also have knowledge regarding work. For that, there should be proper communication among all members. Everyone should know what’s problem and time needed to resolve it.

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