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Different participants of Defect Life Cycle

Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2020
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Defect life cycle generally varies from one organization to another and is governed and controlled by software testing process the organization or project follows or defect tracking tool generally being used. There are different participants to defect life cycle that make process successful. These participants are given below :

  1. Defect Reporter :
    Defect reporter, as name suggests, is person who reported defect i.e. person who identified defect. The main role of defect reporter is simply to validate i.e. to check and prove validity or accuracy of defect. After validating, reporter enters all details and information that is related to defect into defect tracking tool. These detail and information might include defect priority, defect severity, defect impact, test environment, defect description, module, type of defect, resources required to fix it, steps of reproduction, etc. Tester sometimes needs to send attached screenshot to ensure and clarify all details of defect.

  2. Defect Tracking Tool :
    Defect tracking tool, as name suggests, are tools that are used to identify or track defects. It generally helps to record, report, assign, identify, find, and track defect if present in software development projects. In simple words, we can say that better is bug tracking tool, better will be quality of product. Defect is usually logged in defect tracking tool that generally helps in reporting. These tools can be Jira, Assembla, etc.

  3. Defect Group :
    Defect group, as name suggests, is group of people that are allowed to see the full details related to defect. Defect group is generally responsible for each activity related to defect starting from its identification until its resolution. These groups might include tester who identifies and validate defects, test lead who manages testers and defect reports, end-user who reported defect, developer to whom defect is assigned by test lead, project manager, QA manager, QA team, etc. In simple words, defect group is a group of people who can watch all activities of defect.

  4. Defect Owner :
    Defect owner, as name suggests, is the person who is responsible to review and own defect. He/She is generally responsible to check, validate, and ensure that whether or not information being provided related to defect is complete and sufficient. If information provided is not complete and is not enough, then defect is assigned back to defect reporter who reported defect to add more and additional information to it. On the basis of priority assigned to each defect, defect owner then further resolve and fix defect within deadline.

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