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Difference between Windows application and Web application

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  • Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2022

1. Windows application : 
It is an application that can run on the windows platform. Graphical user interface forms can be created using this. We can create web applications using IDE Microsoft Visual Studio. This can be done using a variety of programming languages such C#, C++, J#, Visual Basic and many more. 
Windows applications on a computer system – 

2. Web application : 
Web application is an application that runs on web browser making use of web server. It makes use of is Microsoft IIS configuration i.e., Internet Information Services (in developing web applications). A variety of web applications using .net can be made. These include many ranging from simple HTML pages to highly interactive business applications. 

Examples of Web applications – 

Difference between Windows application and web application : 

Sl. No.Windows applicationWeb application
1.It is installed in the windows platform using Windows operating system.Web application is installed on web server.
2.It is accessible only from system in which it is installed.It can be accessed from anywhere around world using internet.
3.This application can be directly executed using operating system on system.IIS aka internet information services server is needed to run web applications.
4.It Can Run only on Windows platform.It can run on a variety of platforms including is Mac, Linux, Solaris, Android etc.
5.It is specific to bit. If it is designed for 32-bit OS, it will not work for 64-bit operating system.The web application is independent of type of system.
6.Examples: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Photoshop, MS Excel, Ms Word, MS PowerpointExamples: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox
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