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Difference between Web Browser and Web Page

Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2022
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1. Web Browser :
Web browser, as name suggest, is basically a software application that runs on computer and responds to request made by other computers on network. It also loads website much faster and use the latest WWW standards for displaying websites.

Example : Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Explorer, etc.

2. Web Page : 
Web Page, as name suggests, is basically a document that represent different types of information presented to users in more understandable and readable manner. With each and every web page, unique URL is associated. With help of this URL, web page can be identified and displayed on user’s device screen.

Example : Page you are reading now is example of web page, etc. 

Difference between Web Browser and Web Page :

Web Browser Web Page
It is a software that allows one to find and view webpages within website. It is basically a document that can be displayed in web browser.
It reads document, translate it, and rendering translated web pages on device. It can be accessed by entering URL into address bar of Browser.
It consists of layout engine, user interface, rendering engine, JavaScript interpreter, data persistence component, etc. It contains different types of information such as text, audio, images, and video.
It is used for browsing web pages that contain various links that can be opened in new browser. It is used for providing information to viewers along with pictures, videos and help explaining important topics.
It is designed to display content formatted using HTML. It is designed using various coding languages and then uploaded it to make it visible to all users or visitors.
It is designed specially to help people with disabilities. It is designed to provide assistance of users.
It is important as it serves a user’s window and access point of WWW. It is important as it has impact on how audience perceives brand and keep us leads on our page.
It is less difficult to design and maintain web browsers as compared to web pages. It is more difficult to design and maintain web pages as compared to web browsers.
It has ability to load web pages fastly and quickly no matter how dynamic content is. It has ability to show text, graphics, hyperlinks to other web pages, files, etc.


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