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Difference between Software and Data

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  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020
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1. Software :
Software, as name suggest, is simply a type of software systems or application in any program or group of programs that is especially designed for customer or end user and runs on computer system.

2. Data :
Data, as name suggests, is simply a representation of facts, concepts, information, or instruction that is processed or stored by computer and is basically a raw material processed by computing machine.

Difference between Software and Data :

Software are programs or commands computer can execute.Data is related to information that computer can interpret.
It is set of instructions that instruct computer to perform particular task.It is collection of facts or measurements.
Features of software includes no wear out, usability, flexibility, easy to use, etc.Features of data includes availability and accessibility, accuracy and precision, reliability and consistency, etc.
Types of software includes application software, system software, Open-source software, etc.Types of data includes analytical data, atomic data, continuous data, discrete data, etc.
It is functionally active.It is functionally passive.
Software are developed to perform specific task and provide tools.Data are not developed to perform specific task and provides evidence.
Software’s are needed to input, process, output, store and control activities of information systems.Data is needed to make decision and allows to measure effectiveness of given strategy.
Benefits of software includes improve sales and service, increase customers engagement, allows direct communication, etc.Benefits of data includes make informed decision, improve peoples lives, give accurate result, find solutions to problems, etc.
Software is something that can be executed.Data is something that cannot be executed.
It is fundamentally a logical construct.It is fundamentally empirical observation.

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