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Difference between Software and Coding

Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020
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1. Software :
Software, as name suggest, is simply a type of software systems that consists of set of instructions that are designed to perform well defined functions and allows users to perform specific task.

2. Coding :
Coding, as name suggests, is simply a programming language that makes it easy to recognize and distinct something and helps one to create software, apps, etc. and is used for communicating with software’s.

Difference between Software and Coding :

Software Coding
Software are programs used by computer. Coding is a language written using protocol of language to develop apps, software’s, etc.
Software’s allows users or customers to interact with and is functional thing they can use. Coding is simply construction or design that is hidden aspect of software.
Features of software includes efficiency, usability, portability, reliability, etc. Features of coding include simple to learn, understandable, good reliability, easily recognizable, etc.
Types of software includes application software, system software, programming software, driver software, etc. Types of coding includes data compression, error control or channel coding, cryptographic coding, line coding, etc.
List of software 7-Zip, Microsoft Windows 7 Operating system, Media player classic, adobe reader, etc. List of coding languages includes Python, JavaScript, C++, SQL, etc.
Benefits of software includes increased productivity, simplified decision making, increase customer satisfaction, etc. Benefits of coding includes creativity, authentic learning, presentation skills, teamwork, etc.
Its main objective is to fulfill user requirements and make software plays ideal role in ones daily life. Its main objective is product high quality software system that can be performed in any situation.

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