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Difference between Server and Mainframe

Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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1. Server :
Server, as name suggests, is basically computer or PC by hardware with higher reliability or quality parts that is connected to local area network, wide area network and internet. It simply accesses, hold and transfer all data and files from other computer machine over computer network.

Examples : Linux, NetWare , Web server, etc.

2. Mainframe :
Mainframe, as name suggests, is a class of computer that handle and control large number of connected users, high volume of transactions, and provide more reliable performance. It works well with running scalable software and dealing with massively parallel operations. It is considered the best platform to execute millions of transactions in every single second.

Examples : IBM zSeries , System z9, System z10, NonStop , etc.

Difference between Server and Mainframe :



It controls and handle access to hardware, software, and other resources on network.   It controls and handle hundred and thousands of connected users simultaneously.  
It provides centralized storage for programs, data, and information.   It provides storage for instructions, information, and huge amount of data.  
These are small in size as compared to mainframe therefore require less floor space.   These are huge in size as compared to server therefore requires more floor space. 
It is more cost effective as compared to mainframes.   It is more costly as compared to servers as its initial cost, cost of running, and maintenance cost is very high.  
It provides various functionalities such as sharing data or resources among users, performing computation for client.   It provides e-commerce and mobile world more reliable, available and scalable way to perform their basic business functions.  
They are designed to not only help business with data storage but also to improve efficiency and productivity.  These computers are designed to handle large-scale processing, data storage and other tasks.
It cannot handle huge volume of transactions, high reliability and different types of workloads.   It supports and handles huge volume of transactions, high reliability and support different types of workloads. 
It is used in digital applications such as Big data, Edge, Cloud applications and IoT applications, etc. It is used in Banking applications, high volume OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) applications, back-end systems, etc.  
Cloud options are limitless and available in huge quantity.  Cloud options are limited in mainframes.  
Performance of server get impacted if any components are overloaded.   Performance of mainframes does not get affected even if memory is overloaded. 




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