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Difference between RDBMS and Couchbase

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1. RDBMS : RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management Systems. It is most popular database. In it data is store in the form of row that is in the form of tuple. It contain numbers of table and data can be easily access because data is store in the table. This Model was proposed by E.F. 2. Couchbase : Couchbase Server is an open-source, distributed multi-model NoSQL document-oriented database software package that is optimized for interactive applications. It is also known as Membase. It was developed by Couchbase, Inc. and initially released on August 2010.
Difference between RDBMS and Couchbase :
S.No. RDBMS Couchbase
1. RDBMS is a relational database. It is a non-relational and document-oriented database.
2. RDBMS is column-based. Couchbase is field-based.
3. It has a predefined schema. It has a dynamic schema.
4. It is slower in comparison with Couchbase. Couchbase is faster than RDBMS.
5. It supports SQL query language only. It supports JSON query language.
6. RDBMS does not provide JavaScript client for querying. It provides a JavaScript client for querying.
7. RDBMS is not suitable for hierarchical data storage. Couchbase is suitable for hierarchical data storage.
8. It centers around ACID properties. It also centers around ACID properties.
9. RDBMS is vertically scalable. Couchbase is horizontally scalable.
10. It supports complex joins. It doesn’t support for complex joins.

Last Updated : 09 Jul, 2020
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