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Difference between Project Report and Project Proposal

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  • Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2020
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1. Project Report :
Project Report, as name suggest, is simply report that provide general state of project and contain information regarding economic, technical, financial and managerial aspects.

2. Project Proposal :
Project Proposal, as name suggests, is simply report that give small summary about what project is going be about and must include all key information regarding project so that one can get project approved.

Difference between Project Report and Project Proposal :

Project ReportProject Proposal
It mainly focuses on action and particulars i.e. detail about proposed project.It mainly focuses on defining outline of what project is going to be about.
It does not have a specific format.It does have a specific format.
Factors affecting project report include time complexity, improper communication, weak project closure, improper risk management, etc.Factors affecting project proposal includes competition, teamwork, project capabilities, culture, size, etc.
Its benefits include track current progress of project, track issues, budget, schedule, identify risk and take corrective action, etc.Its benefits include convince stakeholders to execute project, cost estimation, give information regarding resources required, act as project blueprint, etc.
Its main objective is to indicate that project is being completed and produced to fulfill planned purpose.Its main objectives is to highlight how project is going to begin i.e. commenced so that project can be initiated or executed.
It includes project description, general information, marketing plan, capital structure and operating cost, etc.It includes introduction, start and end date, objective and goal, requirements, description, etc.
It is generally submitted to bankers or supervisors.It is generally submitted to supervisors, stakeholders or sponsors.
It is more difficult to understand and handle than Project Proposal.It is less difficult to understand and handle than Project Report.
Type of project report includes baseline reports, status report, risk assessment, team availability report, etc.Types of project proposal include formally solicited, informally solicited, renewal, supplemental, etc.

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