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Difference between Project Engineer and Design Engineer

Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2020
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1. Project Engineer :
Project Engineer, as name suggest, is simply a person who is professional in planning, establishing project criteria, coordinate project reviews and make sure that project elements are implemented proper.

2. Design Engineer :
Design Engineer, as name suggests, is simply a person or employee who is responsible for initial concept, design, development and management of new projects and create prototypes.

Difference between Project Engineer and Design Engineer :

Project Engineer Design Engineer
It mainly focuses on organizing and controlling project elements. It mainly focuses on design process of engineering.
Skills required for project engineer includes verbal communication skills, knowledge of design and visualization software, requirement analysis, etc. Skills required for design engineer includes numerical skills, creative problem solving ability, better communication skills, ability to work in team, etc.
Their responsibilities includes performing quality control tasks, cooperating and communicating with project manager, reviewing engineering tasks, creating frameworks, etc. Their responsibilities includes using specialized software to create models, research new materials, organize existing records, etc.
Factors affecting project engineer performance include poor computer literacy and knowledge, poor project management skills, poor supervision skills, etc. Factors affecting design engineer includes customer requirements, material requirements, new materials, etc.
Its process include preparation, schedule preparation, coordinating, monitoring, managing assigned engineering projects. Its process include study, research, and develop ideas for new products, create prototypes, etc.
Its main objective is plan project and ensure proper implementation of project elements. Its main objective is research and design new products or systems of company or organization.
Its benefit includes improve project quality, in-depth planning, risk assessment, improve team work, etc. Its benefit includes reduction in manufacturing costs, improve design quality, increase productivity, etc.
Project engineer tasks are more difficult than design engineer tasks. Design Engineer tasks are less difficult than project engineer tasks.
It can also handle role of design engineer. Its role is limited and therefore cannot handle role of project engineer.

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