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Difference between Program and Instruction

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  • Last Updated : 22 Dec, 2020

1. Program :
Programs, as name suggest, are simply a software application that include set of instructions in sequence especially designed to execute particular task and different programming languages are used to program a computer.

2. Instruction :
Instructions, as name suggests, are simply set of instructions, documentation or steps which is a single operation of processor and are needed to be executed by processor.

Difference between Program and Instruction :

Programs are simply set of instructions or computer code.Instruction are simply order given to computer processor.
It instruct computer to carry out function such as calculation, formatting, etc.It instruct computer to perform discreet action such as move, load decimal, etc.
Programs are collection of software applications especially designed to execute specific task.These are set of machine language instructions that processor understand and perform.
Types of programs include game programs, word processors, web browsers, graphic programs, etc.Types of instruction includes integer instruction, floating-point instruction, flow control instruction, etc.
Programs are given to computer by computer programmer in specific programming language.Instructions are given to computer using keyword or input device by human beings.
Programs are generally stored in secondary storage devices such as hard disks and when we execute program, it gets copied on main memory.Instructions are generally stored on hard disk or any other storage device and are performed until they are executed by user.
These are hard to understand and create.These are easy to understand and create.
Compilers are used by computer to translate program written in high-level language to machine code and then it can be used directly by computer.Operating system or software’s are used by computer to translate user commands into human readable format.

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