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Difference between Program, Project and Product

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  • Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2020
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1. Program :
There are multiple usages of a computer system in the world today. One of such use is observed while writing programs. Programs are instructions given to a computer to perform a specific task. It is a medium of communicating with the computer system.

2. Project :
Project is an innovative endeavor to create a software that has not already been made. The projects are undertaken by the software team on the request of an enterprise. It has to go through seven stages to reach completion. The phases involve designing, testing, coding, maintenance etc.

3. Product :
The Software project undergoes request analysis, designing, coding, testing, integration and maintenance phases. After all the phases are completed, a product is formed. This is a software made to solve a unique problem. The products are made in larger numbers for the purpose of distribution.

Difference between Program, Project and Product :

1.It contains instructions to perform a specific task.It is performed in the software development life cycle to create a unique software.It is the outcome of a project.
2.It need not focus on efficiency and cost.It has a cost and quality focus due to the budget restrictions.It is focused on the efficiency and cost as it affects its profitability.
3.It exists permanently on the secondary storage device.(unless destroyed or deleted)It has no existence after all the stages result in the product.(This is when the project is complete and is now called a product.)It can have existence unless it is uninstalled or deleted.
4.It can be made in a time frame of upto 3 months, varying directly on the size and complexity.It can take up to 3 years before it is completed. This is due to the various stages and maintenance that it undergoes.It is made continuously as long as the product is profitable and the offering enterprise is interested in it.
5.Program managers handle the programs.Project managers handle the projects.Product managers are responsible for the products.
6.It has memory requirements for storing the program.It has memory, time as well as human resources requirements.It has human, technology and time requirements.
7.The main focus of the program is the resulting output.The main focus of the project is developing a new software, that has not already been made.The main focus of a product is its profitability and user satisfaction.
8.The program does not need guidelines.Guidelines are necessary for project development as it involves a lot of people working in varied teams.Firm Guidelines are needed to complete and manufacture the product.

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