Difference between Product and Process

In the context of software engineering, Product includes any software manufactured based on the customer’s request. This can be a problem solving software or computer based system. It can also be said that this is the result of a project.

Process is a set of sequence steps that have to be followed to create a project. The main purpose of a process is to improve the quality of the project. The process serves as a template that can be used through the creation of its examples and is used to direct the project.

The main difference between a process and a product is that the process is a set of steps that guide the project to achieve the convenient product. while on the other hand, the product is the result of a project that is manufactured by a wide variety of people.

Let’s see the difference between Product and Process:-

S.NO Product Process
1. Product is the final production of the project. While process is a set of sequence steps that have to be followed to create a project.
2. A product focuses on the final result. Whereas the process is focused on completing each step being developed.
3. In case of product, the firm guidelines are followed. In contrast, the process consistently follows guidelines.
4. A product is tend to be short term. Whereas the process is tend to be long term.
5. The main goal of the product is to complete the work successfully. While The purpose of the process is to make better the quality of the project.

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