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Difference between Process and Kernel Thread

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 15 May, 2020
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1. Process:
Process is an activity of executing a program. Process is of two types – User process and System process. Process control block controls the operation of the process.

2. Kernel Thread:
Kernel thread is a type of thread in which threads of a process are managed at kernel level. Kernel threads are scheduled by operating system (kernel mode).

Difference between Process and Kernel Thread:

Process is a program being executed.Kernel thread is the thread managed at kernel level.
It is high overhead.It is medium overhead.
There is no sharing between processes.Kernel threads share address space.
Process is scheduled by operating system using process table.Kernel thread is scheduled by operating system using thread table.
It is heavy weight activity.It is light weight as compared to process.
It can be suspended.It can not be suspended.
Suspension of a process does not affect other processes.Suspension of kernel thread leads to all the threads stop running.
Its types are – user process and system process.Its types are – kernel level single thread and kernel level multi thread.

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