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Difference between Normal Mouse and Gaming Mouse

Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2022
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A computer mouse is an input device that is used with a computer. Moving a mouse helps to move the cursor to different items on the screen. Items can be moved or selected by pressing the mouse buttons. 

Functions of Computer Mouse – 

  • To select objects on the screen. 
  • Move data or files by dragging and dropping. 
  • Scrolling application windows or web pages with the help of scroll button. 

Then, there comes two important types of mouse- Normal Mouse and Gaming Mouse. 

1. Normal Mouse : 
Normal Mouse uses Optical Sensors to drag its position. It comes with only three buttons i.e., right button, left button and scroll button. They work only for that functions which are assigned to these buttons by the manufacturers. 

Normal mouse does not have module parts, and we cannot increase or decrease the weight of the mouse according to our requirement. These mouse are really good if you do not play games and only use computers for surfing and downloading. 

2. Gaming Mouse : 
Gaming Mouse uses Optical sensors and also Laser Sensors for higher gaming. With Laser sensor, one can achieve High DPI, means sensitivity of the gaming mouse can be increased. It does not limit to 3 buttons like normal mouse. It can have numerous number of buttons and the functions to that button can be assigned by the user. 

For example, if you are playing shooting game, you are firing with the right click or left click and if you want to re-load your gun then you will press R on the keyboard. To simplify this, you can use the buttons of your mouse by assigning one button to re-load the gun. you can assign that buttons according to your ease for various other aspects of the game. This is the great advantage for the gamers as they don’t have to look over keyboard for buttons, as they can assign the functions to their mouse buttons. 

The more advanced gaming mouse comes in module parts like someone has a small hand or some other might have a big hand. So, these modules help them to choose it accordingly. We can also adjust weight in gaming mouse as it also has different weight modules. 

Gaming mouse takes care of the comfort of the user as games can be played for numerous number of hours. So, comfort of the user is must. There are different types of lights present in gaming mouse. Software can also be purchased if you want to customize its light according to your choice. 

Difference between Normal Mouse and Gaming Mouse : 

Normal Mouse Gaming Mouse
Normal Mouse uses Optical Sensors Gaming Mouse uses Laser sensors as well as optical sensors.
It is having only 3 buttons. It is having more than 7-8 buttons.
These buttons work according to the functions assigned by the manufacturer. The functions for these buttons can be assigned by the user itself according to the requirement.
They do not have module parts, so a user has to use it even if he/she is not comfortable in using it. Gaming mouse comes with module parts, which helps user in adjusting it according to the requirement.
Increment or Decrement in the weight of the mouse is not possible. We can adjust the weight of the mouse as it is having different weight modules.
Buy it if you want to only use computers for searching and downloading. Buy if you play games more, as it will make your experience extraordinary.

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