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Difference between Logistic Management and Transport Management
  • Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2020

1. Logistics Management :
Logistics Management, as name suggests, is a part of supply chain management that mainly focuses on management and distribution of goods with right quality to end users and also store goods.

2. Transport Management :
Transport Management, as name suggests, is a management that mainly focuses on management and movement of products or goods from one place to another and also allows exchange of trade and communication.

Difference between Logistic Management and Transport Management :

Logistics ManagementTransport Management
It mainly focuses on whole flow management and distributes end products to end users.It mainly focuses on movement of products from one location to another.
It simply handles distributing products from producer to end user or customer.It simply handles movement of products or goods and services.
Logistic management is more efficient and has more functions than transport management.Transport management is less efficient and has less functions than logistic management.
It deals with packaging, documentation, insurance, storage, freight damage, risk mitigation, etc.It only deals with function of products that are moving form one place to another.
It also deals with managing and implementing procedures to increase efficiency of storage and transportation.It also deals with various modes of transport i.e. road, air, rail, pipeline, etc.
Process of logistic management includes planning, implementing, controlling, transporting and storing goods or products.Process of transport management includes planning and decision making, transportation execution, transport follow-up, measurement.
Its main objective is to move inventory in supply chain and fulfill customer needs.Its main objective is to improve performance of transportation network.
Its benefit includes increased customer satisfaction, create visibility and insight cost savings, etc.Its benefit includes increase customer service, increase supply chain efficiency, reduce freight expenses, etc.

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