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Difference between IWMS and CAFM

  • Last Updated : 30 Oct, 2020

1. Integrated Work Management System (IWMS) :
Integrated Work Management System (IWMS), as name suggests, is a software tool that is used to manage every aspect related to workplace i.e. all work within organization.

2. Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) :
Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM), as name suggests, is a software tool that is used to manage space as well as assets i.e. all facilities within organization.

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Difference between IWMS and CAFM :

It mainly focuses on workplace management.It mainly focuses on space management.
IWMS provides more workplace and capability than CAFM.CAFM provides less workplace and capability than IWMS.
IWMS includes GIS satellites, 3D BIM models, etc.CAFM includes CAD images, 2D CAD drawings, etc.
It operates on single technology platform.It operates on multiple technology platforms.
It also focuses on reducing cost as well as increasing productivity by simply optimizing i.e. increasing profit from facilities within organization.It also focuses on optimizing i.e. increasing profit by maintenance, operations, and space management.
IWMS is best for medium-scale and large-scale organizations.CAFM is best for small scale organizations that require only limited functionality.
It not only covers facilities management but also covers capital projects, asset management, request management, strategic planning, etc.It only covers facility management.
It also provides user-friendly solution as it is useful beyond facility management.It does not provide user-friendly solution as it is not useful beyond facility management.
This software allows facility management team to also manage workload and work closely with HR, IT, and other teams.This software does not allow facility management team to workload and streamlines other tasks.
It stores information in one place and allows one to have access to information from multiple sources in one place.It stores information at multiple places.
It offers more functionality and flexibility.It offers less functionality and flexibility.
IWMS is mostly cost-effective technology.CAFM is less cost-effective technology than IWMS.
It makes sure that one does not lose control over space.It makes sure that space is not wasted.
It provides deployable resources i.e. most effective resources for development.It provides administrative tools.
It allows people beyond facility management to have access to information.It does not allow people beyond facility management to have access to information.

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