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Difference Between Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 May, 2020

Internet of Things: It is the field of computer technology, where physical devices are communicating over the Internet. Devices are termed as things which are sensors, actuators that communicate and send information to each other on the web. It is an ecosystem where the interacting devices share data through a communication media known as the internet.
These devices are instructed with code to operate on a special event.

Artificial Intelligence: It is the field in computer technology that uses data as fuel and human actions to decide the output. Machines that are AI capable and are capable of cognitive thinking that is responsible to decide on the past or responding to an action to which the machine was unaware. These systems are built to support automation in the traditional approaches of building systems.
AI machines learn from past experiences and improve their performance for the future.

Below is a table of differences between Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence:

Based onInternet of ThingsArtificial Intelligence
Connection typeA set of interconnecting devices over a networkMachine is independent and interconnecting is not needed
CapabilityDevice capabilities are known in priorMachine capabilities can never be predicted
InteractionHuman Interaction is neededHuman Interaction is not needed
Future ScopeHuman instructions are neededMachine can learn and starts to act more human way
Need of InstructionsNeeded to instruct devicesMachine it learn from experiences
DependencyIoT won’t work without AI.AI is not dependent on IoT
ApplicationsApplications include Smart Wearables, Smart City, Smart Home, Water Monitoring, etc.Applications include Chatbots, Job Adverts, Natural language processing, Speech recognition, Machine vision, etc.

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