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Difference between Cloud Computing and Green Computing

Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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1. Cloud Computing : 
Cloud Computing, as name suggests, is basically a service-oriented architecture that involves delivering hosted services over internet. It delivers faster and accurate retrievals of applications and data. It is most efficient and better for promoting strong workflow and is more cost effective than traditional computing solutions.

2. Green Computing :
Green Computing, as name suggests, is basically study of designing, manufacturing, using and disposing computing devices in way that reduces their hazardous impact on environment. It is mostly used to promote energy efficiently in different applications such as washers, dryers, laptops, and refrigerators.

Difference between Cloud Computing and Green Computing :

Cloud Computing

Green Computing 

It is all about delivery of computing services including servers, storage, databases, networking, etc., over internet.   It is all about utilizing energy to perform operations in most efficient way possible.  
It offers utility-oriented IT services to users worldwide.   It helps in using least amount of computing resources for doing most amount of work.  
Its main goal is to provide magnitude improvement in cost effective, dynamic provisioning of IT services.  Its main goal is to attain economic viability and improve way of how computing devices are used.  
It reduces energy consumption, waste, and carbon emissions, reduce carbon foot print, etc.   It reduces use of hazardous materials, increase energy efficiency during product’s lifetime, manage power and energy efficiency, create sustainable business processes, etc.    
It increases revenue of business organizations and help them to achieve business goals, provide faster communication, secure network collaboration, promote efficient utilization of existing resources, etc.   It reduces carbon footprint of business and provide a reputation boost, help business responsibly use energy and keep business running on energy-lean diet.    
It is internet service that provides computing needs to computer users.   It is that a computer and technology is how much responsible for environmental change. 
It allows company to diversity its network and server infrastructure.   It allows companies to improve disposal and recycling procedures. 
It lowers IT costs, maintain business continuity, provide scalability, allows automatic software integrations, etc. It lowers energy bills, lower overall power usage, cost-effective due to less energy usage and cooling requirements, etc.  
It is less cost effective as compared to green computing.   It is more cost effective as compared to cloud computing.  




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