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Difference Between Big Data and Data Warehouse

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Big Data: Big Data basically refers to the data which is in large volume and has complex data sets. This large amount of data can be structured, semi-structured, or non-structured and cannot be processed by traditional data processing software and databases. Various operations like analysis, manipulation, changes, etc are performed on data and then it is used by companies for intelligent decision making. Big data is a very powerful asset in today’s world. Big data can also be used to tackle business problems by providing intelligent decision making. Data Warehouse: Data Warehouse is basically the collection of data from various heterogeneous sources. It is the main component of the business intelligence system where analysis and management of data are done which is further used to improve decision making. It involves the process of extraction, loading, and transformation for providing the data for analysis. Data warehouses are also used to perform queries on a large amount of data. It uses data from various relational databases and application log files. Big-Data-vs-Data-Warehouse Below is a table of differences between Big Data and Data Warehouse:
S.No. Big Data Data Warehouse
1. Big data is the data which is in enormous form on which technologies can be applied. Data warehouse is the collection of historical data from different operations in an enterprise.
2. Big data is a technology to store and manage large amount of data. Data warehouse is an architecture used to organize the data.
3. It takes structured, non-structured or semi-structured data as an input. It only takes structured data as an input.
4. Big data does processing by using distributed file system. Data warehouse doesn’t use distributed file system for processing.
5. Big data doesn’t follow any SQL queries to fetch data from database. In data warehouse we use SQL queries to fetch data from relational databases.
6. Apache Hadoop can be used to handle enormous amount of data. Data warehouse cannot be used to handle enormous amount of data.
7. When new data is added, the changes in data are stored in the form of a file which is represented by a table. When new data is added, the changes in data do not directly impact the data warehouse.
8. Big data doesn’t require efficient management techniques as compared to data warehouse. Data warehouse requires more efficient management techniques as the data is collected from different departments of the enterprise.

Last Updated : 22 May, 2020
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