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Difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi

  • Last Updated : 03 Jan, 2020

There are a wide variety of controller boards that we can use for our hardware projects. The two most popular among them are: Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Arduino is based on the ATmega family and has a relatively simple design and software structure. Raspberry Pi, basically is a single-board computer. Both of them have a CPU which executes the instructions, timers, memory and I/O pins. The key distinction between the two is that Arduino tends to have a strong I/O capability which drives external hardware directly. Whereas Raspberry Pi has a weak I/O which requires transistors to drive the hardware.

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Let’s see the difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi :-

S No.ArduinoRaspberry Pi
1.Control unit of Arduino is from Atmega family.While control unit of Raspberry Pi is from ARM family.
2.Arduino is based on a microcontroller.While Raspberry Pi is based on a microprocessor.
3.It is designed to control the electrical components connected to the circuit board in a system.While Raspberry Pi computes data and produces valuable outputs, and controls components in a system based on the outcome of its computation.
4.Arduino boards have a simple hardware and software structure.While Raspberry Pi boards have a complex architecture of hardware and software.
5.CPU architecture: 8 bit.CPU architecture: 64 bit.
6.It uses very less RAM, 2 kB.While Raspberry Pi requires more RAM, 1 GB.
7.It clocks a processing speed of 16 MHz.While Raspberry Pi clocks a processing speed of 1.4 GHz.
8.It is cheaper in cost.While Raspberry Pi is expensive.
9.It has a higher I/O current drive strength.While Raspberry Pi has a lower I/O current drive strength.
10.It consumes about 200 MW of power.While it consumes about 700 MW of power.

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